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Think About Thinking….

We used to have a lesson called “Magician’s Revenge ” in our 6th standard. I will write the main concepts of the story here to present  theme of my post.

In a small town there used to be a Magician . He used to roam around near by villages to entertain those people and to make his livelihood through magic shows. People used to admire his magic shows . He used to feel good about his Magic shows.

As a part of magic shows one day he goes to a village. He sets everything for the show and as the show starts people start observing the magic tricks done by the magician. People seated in the “Yes Men” category of the audience shower praises on the magician by shouting loudly “You are the best..You are the best”.  To these reactions, Magician tries to smile in a humble manner (though he is proud about his performance 😉 he tries to display modesty).  He feels very happy for the way the show is heading on.

All of  a sudden, a well dressed gentleman enters the place and takes his seat in the first row meant for the audience. He introduces himself as “Quick Man”. He says “Oh! This Magician is a cheater. I will explain how he is cheating all of you. These tricks don’t need much intelligence”. People in the audience get confused. However they forget about their confusion as the magician starts his next trick of the show.

He shows the audience an empty hat….he moves his wand around the hat and says “Abraka Dabra Abraka Dabra” . He takes 6 eggs out of that hat. The “Yes man” category audience yell again by saying” You are the best . You are the best”. Magician looks with a grin at the Quick Man. Quick Man adjusts his voice and explains to the audience with cent percent confidence ” My dear folks! This man is cheating you. This man has a hen in his hat and that hen is laying eggs there. He is not creating the eggs from the empty hat”. To this the people in “Yes Men category” say “Yes Yes Yes…we too agree with Quick Man. He is correct. You have hen in your hat”.  Magician does not like this aspect of people questioning him and disagreeing him. He is not used to that reactions. Magician proceeds with his third trick hiding his anger. For every trick, Quick Man put forwards his own crazy interpretation and to that interpretation “Yes Men Category” people say “Yes..Yes..magician is cheating…we agree with Quick Man”.

Magician really really gets frustrated by the crazy interpretations of the Quick Man and what bothers Magician is the “yes yes…” of the yes category people in the audience. He feels, he should really teach lesson to the Quick Man. He requests Quick Man to give his watch. Quick Man gives with lot of pride to the magician. Magician explains to the audience that he is going to powder Quick Man’s watch . People look at the trick very carefully in silence. Magician takes a small stone grinder and pounds the watch. Quick Man thinks that the magician is simply acting. Audience try to look with lot of suspense. Magician pounds the watch completely into powder. Even to this Quick Man tries to give an interpretation that Magician did’nt pound the watch and he hid it in the coat; to this Magician says he does not have any watch in his coat and he shows the powdered watch to everyone. Yes Men category people switch their loyality so fast and they say “Magician! You are the best. You are the best”.  Magician smiles with pride and Quick Man has no other option except for returning home without his expensive watch. Though magician is the winner of the situation he does not feel good about his victory.


This story has lot of inner meaning. This is not just about the revenge of the magician. This story beautifully depicts human Psychology.

Magician belongs to that category of people who are comfortable and proud about their thoughts and acts. They seem to be very humble, however when their acts and thoughts are challenged they try to show their other side of their behavior.

Quick man belongs to that category of people who think that they are always correct , they are always intelligent and who feel that the  opposite person is always wrong and inferior.

Last but not least, the Yes Men category people.  These people don’t have any opinions they agree for whatever is said. They don’t mind switching their loyalties very fast without applying their own thoughts.


It is not necessary for us to identify with any of the above 3 category people, however, we may knowingly or unknowingly pick one of these categories once in a while as a part of survival , as a part of ego rides or as a part of entertainment.

Thinking is necessary and thoughts matter a lot 🙂 .Thoughts make or break a person. However don’t stop thinking. Think..Think Different…but be careful while thinking differently…

Happy Weekend.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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