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Rewind….OK….Private Album Songs…

Waiting desperately for the Ek se Badkar Ek, Super hit Muqabla programs in the Doordarshan for the new film songs and the private albums was a nice feeling. Though they used to telecast the songs for a couple of minutes the memory it used to have on the minds used to be interesting.  Used to finish my home work and study early to watch this program so that Mom will not scold me for watching TV. Now…we buy the stuff or we google it on net…but the beauty of waiting for the songs to come in Doordarshan  was different….

Here are some of my favorite private album songs :

1)First song which comes into my mind is Made in India by Alisha Chinai . Used to get alert by the than than than music itself….even now Alisha rocks..her voice is so interesting…

2)  Lucky Ali being my favorite…its tough to name a single one..however…Anjani Rahon Mein is the best…

3) Yesudas’s Chamak Cham Cham…is a lovely video…its so serene..

4) Piya Basanti Re………. by Chitra is soo the picturization too a lot…

5)Pankaj udhas – Aur ahista kijiye baatiein…..such a lovely song..Sameera Reddy is so nice in this album…

6)Sonu Nigam – Kuchh Tum Socho Kuchh Hum Sochein …lyrics are too good and so is the voice of Sonu 🙂

7)Maine Payal Hai Chankai – Falguni Pathak..My list will be incomplete without this song 🙂


Still somany…however..these songs are fresh in my mind….


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