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I am what I am…


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Often we are posed with interesting questions on different aspects. However, our views on basic aspects are the most elusive ones in our lives. People expect to hear  acceptable answers on these issues.

Its not cool for a girl to be expressive. However, today I have an immense urge to express my opinions on some of the issues. I may change my opinions during the course of time and change is a process of growth 😉 I really really wish to know if there are any people on this universe who think like me on these issues.

  1. God : Its an omnipotent power. It is in every form and in everything. So confining God to an idol or rock or statue or a place is just stupidity. God does not shower blessings on the basis of chants, rituals you do. Your behavior towards your fellow living beings and to your own self is the real worship.
  2. Religion: Its part of permutations and combinations made for the survival in the society. No religion is inferior or superior. All religions try to take you to the same destination “Salvation”. Rituals and customs are part of development of humanity, networking , recreation and knowledge sharing process. So, it is ignorance to force a person to follow a religion or confine them to one caste or subsect. The happiness or pain of a Hindu is no different from a Christian or a Muslim or a Sikh. All religions are equal.
  3. Family: The Person you are, the way you behave, the way you think reflects your family. Family you belong to has lot of influence in your growing years. The way you treat your family members is directly or indirectly influenced in your other relations in life.
  4. Friends: Friends are the angels in life. They accept you whatever you are and help in your development. Its not the years of association that depicts the strength of friendship, its the depth of the friendship that determines the strength of friendship.
  5. Education: Defining the term education is so complex. Education is NOT the formal degrees which a person earns in universities and colleges. Education is the learning one earns while experiencing the life apart from the formal education one has in different schools of study. However, learning is a never ending and ever green process.
  6. You and Your Purpose in Life : Everyone is born for a purpose and main aim of an individual is to find one’s purpose in life and achieve it. Human life is so precious that one should not waste precious time for futile things and just kill the time just for passing the time. Its often strange to see people lose their  identity or rather have no identity at all. They just feel that having no identity is an honor they are giving to the people in their life. Honoring others, sacrificing your aims for others is really a pious job. However, just not leading life without any work, purpose is much bigger sin.
  7. Happiness: Happiness is an elusive concept. Every act of a human in one or the other way related to the pursuit of happiness. Most of the times we feel that we get happiness by making other happy. Sometimes we feel happy doing the things which we like. However, the real happiness is one which we derive from the satisfaction which we achieve our goals of life. Goals of life are not the materialistic ones, everyone tends to have some higher goals which are intangible.

I really wonder if Baba Bulleh Shah wrote this song for me “Bulla Ki Jaana”.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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