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Pehchaan Kaun!!!

Gurtu Pattava!! Pehchaan Kaun? Find out who am I? …..

Almost all of us might have been bugged with this question. Me being the Lady version of Ghajini… I find it tough to deal with these sort of situations. Yesterday I was entering my home…after a lazy, drowsy day at work and suddenly a elderly lady jumped on my face as soon as I entered my home and asked “Gurtu Pattu Nenavarino(Find out who am I)”. I was faking a decent smile at her. She persisted with the same question. Though I’m good at quizzing in my schools, colleges and even at facebook , yesterday I was in no mood to answer any quiz or solve any puzzle. I pretended as if I was making a serious attempt in recollecting her and finally succeed in telling a name and could understand that I was wrong. I saw her some ten years back for some half an hour , that too on the day of my exam results which was a disaster. My memory did not bother to remember her so it was tough to search for my mind for the data which was not present in it.

Other day, 6th class classmate of my mine sent a message in a social networking site and bugged me by sending several messages by saying “Pehchaan Kaun”. I could not seriously recollect her as we left that school and place in my 8th class itself and I could not be in touch with much of that classmates. With the help of my friend and a class mate I understood that this ‘Pehchaan Kaun’’s name is not the one mentioned in the social networking site and her name was different. Silly me unnecessarily blamed my memory for not being able to recollect a class mate of mine. This option….rather FACILITY of being able to change the name in the sites as when required add troubles to fellow people. Ofcourse found in a research that people change the names and find it Fun as it gives them opportunity to name themselves differently which they cannot do that frequently in real world. Poor me!! Doesn’t understand the beauty of changing the names. To add to our woes some change their names to some phrases like “I’m somebody”, “Nobody’s somebody”, “I hate life” and mind you these will not be some school or college goers they will be some working professionals …God bless their tastes and choices.

This Pehchaning Kaun on Phone is another lousy activity. Somedays back suddenly I got a call at 12 ‘O’ Clock in the night and she was asking me “Find out who am I” . First of all, taking a call in such mid night hours is like receiving a SOS telegram for me. Being unapologetic and un ashamed of her clever activity of ringing to me in such timings, she bugged me further…I reached a staged where I could not more continue that discussion. She then introduced her self as so and so and she wanted some help on PROJECT WORK. I could only say to her politely “We will discuss about this in the morning time”. I could get relief from this silly phone call only after crying like a 1 year kid who cries for milk.

Giving and receiving surprises is always fun. However, people should understand that giving surprises is not pleasure to the receiver all the times. People need to consider the timing of the surprises and they need to understand that the receivers will not be sitting idle, biting nails and waiting for the surprises as Life gives its own wonderful surprises .



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