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Rocket Singh – One among us – Movie Review -Don’t miss it

Some movies are just meant for entertainment, some movies are meant for introspection, some movies are meant for ‘learning experience’. This movie -ROCKET SINGH-SALES MAN OF THE YEAR  is a combination of above mentioned three traits.

Normally, I have this habit of taking notes religiously (like a journalist in a press conference ) in my class or meetings. I did not extend this habit to the entertainment section to save the mankind from my craziness for notes at least in those places. However, this movie got hell lot of stuff for folks like me to make mental notes about the film.  Ranbir Kapoor is rocking as always , the script is wonderful and the direction is amazing. Right from the title this film got its own style…settings, characters in the film were so natural..we feel that all those people are one among us. Last but not least, this hero is not just a common person with minimal academic scores .  He is not from a prestigious institute or he is not from a rich family. Then, what makes this film interesting???  Inspite of being normal person, the way he aspires to achieve things in life, the way he deals the situations in life with his zeal,common sense and last but not least his policy of  doing things without losing moral values makes this film special. All these things are NOT conveyed in a boring, preachy manner, they are neatly embedded in the film in a humorous manner.

It would not be wise on my part to write the story of film in detail. I wish to mention some important learning points from this film. This film shows that:

  1. Poor performance in academics is NOT the measure of the CAREER consciousness of a person
  2. We should NEVER estimate a person based on his previous performance
  3. Every person can DREAM big and ACHIEVE their dreams by HARD WORK
  4. No Job is mean and everyone should utilize the opportunity given to them
  5. If life throws you lemons just make lemonade…make advantage of the situations you face in life
  6. No person is bad, Every person is good or bad based on his situations. Every person has dual mentality
  7. It is important to be ethical in which ever career you are into
  8. Sales is not just about NUMBERS but sales is about communication and more importantly sales is about SERVICE.

All the characters in the film have done a decent job and Ranbir Kapoor excelled as Rocket Singh. This film is truly inspirational for the youth of the country, in this point of time.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

5 thoughts on “Rocket Singh – One among us – Movie Review -Don’t miss it

  1. Hi…Prasanna…

    I think, very few ppl take the good things from the films and they talk about it (good to be in that list :))… these days most of the ppl discuss about the bad things of this film after watching it… at times…I feel, why film producers/directors produce some movies without any social responsibility… films inluence ppl like anything…

    BTW… thanks for jotting down all those good pts about that film… will watch it during this weekend…


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