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1 2 3…Mike testing..Hello..Hello…

Dedicated to all my lovely brothers, cousins and esteemed friends who don’t bother to reply to my emails at least once in a blue moon INSPITE of reading them religiously.  Special Dedication to My Big Brother Srini and Second Brother Krish.

I was taught in my 3rd standard about Living things and Non Living things. Living things are the things which will feel, which can sense and which RESPOND and RECIPROCATE. Examples of living things are humans, all the animals etc…On the other hand, non Living things are which cannot feel, which cannot sense and which CANNOT RESPOND & RECIPROCATE. Examples of non-living things are table, chair, wall, stone etc. However I don’t want to get into the controversy of living and non-living status of trees as J.C.Bose Dada has already taken care of that aspect. Being a studious kid in school days (thereafter things changed….that’s a different issue) I learnt this living and non-living concept so well and thought that the things in this entire universe can be categorized in to these 2 categories. However as I grew I understood that there is another category of things which feel, sense but DON’T RESPOND & RECIPROCATE inspite of having the ability to do so. Have been trying to find appropriate name for this category and will patent it for sure.

Say ABCDEEEEEEEEE…..Simle Please..

When we happen to see friends or acquaintances we think its basic manners to smile or greet them. But there are some people who don’t bother to smile, greet or react ..instead they stare at the people(whom they know already) so crazily as if they are seeing the Halley comet which appears once in 76 years. I don’t say we need to hug, kiss, giggle at every person we see. These sort of things give wrong signals..especially if girls do these things…parents will be in danger. Something in excess is always dangerous. We can atleast exchange a smile .  Our bank balance or stocks value will not decrease by with a single smile of ours.

Thanks Bolo Beta….

First things parents teach to their kids when they receive anything is “Dadaji ko Thanks Bolo Beta”, “Aunty ko Thanks Bolo Beta”. Interestingly as people grow big they forget the basic manners of saying “Thankyou”. Some people take persons for granted. They don’t think there is ANY necessity to THANK those people. People in the home too require an occasional “Thankyou”, it makes them feel good. Of course it is not necessary to say thankyou every time and for every act but expressing it also means a LOT. Why should’nt we express our feelings when are capable to do so.

Email Pada kya???

An email is sent so that the person to whom it is sent reads it and replies to it back according to his/her  convenience; normally people don’t reply unless until it is a spam or no reply mail or it is from their kaurav sena (I mean enemy gang). However, there are exceptions for this NORMAL behavior. Some people read the emails, understand them, use the content sent in it BUT they DON’T respond. They don’t even bother to acknowledge. pressure, study pressure, family pressure can always be understood but we need to remember that busiest persons like Barak Obama, Indira Nooyi, Sonia Gandhi have time for their well wishes…we too can manage to have . Just remember that the person who is sending the email is not a ROBOT , the person sends it as he/she thinks you need to be updated about that stuff in that point of time and it will be a nice gesture if you respond to it.

I might have written this entire post in a funny manner but the thoughts expressed are sincere.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

10 thoughts on “1 2 3…Mike testing..Hello..Hello…

  1. hai prasanna ,
    nice post even now if i dont comment u will put me in to the same category …just kidding 🙂 nice post as always….

  2. I belong to the third category of things which feel, sense but DON’T RESPOND & RECIPROCATE inspite of having the ability to do so.


  3. ఏమిటండీ అంత సీరియస్‌గా రాసారు ? బాబోయ్……ఇంక మీర్కు రిప్లై ఇవ్వకుండా ఉండటం కుదరదు ఎవరికైనా…..

  4. Hi Prasanna,

    You are so correct… it makes lot of difference to greet/acknowledge people in the right way and at the right time… No worries… ppl will definately realise the importance of it by reading your blog or by watching movies like munnabhai mbbs… 🙂


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