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Robin Sharma Uvacha and Rayaprolu Interprets:10 Rituals For Radiant Living

Robin Sharma explained  “10 Rituals for Radiant Living” in his book “The Monk Who Sold Ferrari”, while explaining the concept of Self Discipline .  He suggests us to practice all these 10 principles everyday to have a disciplined life. In this blog  post  I’m presenting  my understanding on those principles.

1)The Ritual of Solitude: Ensure that you have a mandatory period of peace everyday. Spend some time for yourself. Learn to enjoy the beauty of solitude.  Spending some time in solitude helps you to energize yourself. However, Solitude should not be confused with loneliness.

2)The Ritual of Physicality: Taking caring of the body is as much important as taking care of mind. Nourish your body by exercising regularly at least for half an hour.  Breathe fresh air and breathe effectively.

3)The Ritual of Live Nourishment: It is important to have proper food. You need to nourish yourself with fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Eat the things which give you energy and which keep you healthy. Make a habit of eating food on proper time. Skipping the food for the sake of work or study spoils your health and lifestyle.  Don’t try to eat food in the late nights. Have proper time gap between dinner and the time you sleep.

4)The Ritual of Abundant Knowledge: Learning is a life long process. It helps you to expand your knowledge horizons. Make it a habit to learn something new everyday. You can learn something new by interacting with people, observing people,  by reading books, reading news papers or anything which helps you in learning.

5) The Ritual of Personal Reflection: Take some time , at least 5 minutes for a day to think about you and your life. Get into the regular habit of personal introspection. While doing this don’t bother to have any distractions like music or browsing or TV. Be bold enough to talk to your own self.

6)The Ritual of Early Awakening: Make it a habit to rise early morning. Initially, this might be little bit boring job , however when you make it a habit life becomes sweeter. When you wake up early all the works of the day will be properly done as you get quality time to plan them effectively. Isn’t it fun to watch nature in early morning 🙂

7)The Ritual of Music: We should never underestimate the power of music. Hear serene music in the day to make your day better. However , make sure that you hear proper music to start your day better. If you start your day with blues or some tanhayee types of songs..finish..your day is going to perish. Hear some soothing music early morning.

8.) The Ritual of Spoken Word: Holy books, Scriptures say that uttering prayers help you to keep focussed , strong and calm. May be this is the reason why people suggest you to chant prayers everyday.

9)The Ritual of Congruent Character: Daily make an effort to develop your character. Have basic manners, be good to your folks. Be thankful to the people in your life.  May be these sort of small things make you a better person.

10)The Ritual of Simplicity: This ritual requires you to lead a simple life. Maintain a simple lifestyle. Adopt simplicity as much as possible.

However, you need not allot 10 hours of the day to follow all these rituals religiously. You need be conscious of these rituals and allocate time for each ritual according to the time you have.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

2 thoughts on “Robin Sharma Uvacha and Rayaprolu Interprets:10 Rituals For Radiant Living

  1. Hey thanks for this post. I’m saying thanks becoz I started reading the book and just could not get beyond the first few pages. I was waiting for someone to give me a summary of the book!

    After reading your blog, I feel relieved that I needn’t try to read the book again coz I anyway follow most of the above rules.

    A very informative post 😀

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Anu 🙂 Yes first few pages of the book sound lil bit elusive , however we understand the beauty of those as we continue to read the book. This book has really changed my perspective towards life . Do check other posts published in this blog related to this book 🙂
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

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