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Why Why Why…

We happen to see some things in life and we cannot do anything  about them except for banging our heads  thinking why why why…. here are some of things which make me bang my head saying why why why…..

  • Why is that people in India wear T-Shirts  and Jerkins with the name “NYPD” on them .  My knowledge says  NYPD is Newyork Police Department.  These guys don’t work for NYPD. Still they flaunt with those tags. Why is that the guys in India don’t have NDPD(National Delhi Police Department) or GHMC(Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) tags on their T-Shirts or Jerkins.Why Why Why….

  • Why is that heroines/ actresses in films and serials dress  in ordinary manner during sad times. Ordinary manner in the sense, nice  Saree or Salwar Kameez  ONLY when they are in sadness. Infact they even don’t leave their hair open. They tie the hair properly in sad times. Is it so…do ordinary girls dress properly only in times of grief? Why Why Why….
  • When a new brand soap / product comes into a market a famous actor or actress says” I’m am happy because am using this from my childhood”. How can they use that product from their childhood recently launched products.  Do they think audience are so foolish 😦 .Why Why Why…

  • Why is that every cosmetic product is bothered about the color of the skin? Why is that in every cosmetic cream it is shown that the person becomes successful only after the change in her skin color. Don’t people succeed with dark skin color. Why do they set a wrong example to people.Why Why Why…
  • The clothes worn by the models during fashion shows don’t help them to cover their body during sunshine, rain or winter. Why do they design such dresses which don’t serve the basic and primary purpose of protecting the body.  By the way I don’t find those garments even in Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle too . Why Why Why…

  • Why is that every mother in law, every Nanan( Husband’s Sister) is shown as evil character in Indian TV serials. Don’t these characters have any other job except for bugging the daughter in  law of the house. Added to this why is that they dress in a weird manner with heavy sarees, silly blouses and whacky bindis(which you can never get in markets).Why Why Why…
  • Why is that so many girls and ladies address people with some relation so easily. Why do they call sales people, auto people, bus conductors or anyone who is not of partner material as BHAYYA. Its not that these people are not worthy to be called as Bhayya.  But they are not bothered to visit that Bhayya again in their life. They all are temporary bhayyas.  Is it to say to that stranger..Hey man! Stay away..You are not my partner aspirant !!!! Bhayya is a nice relation and most adorable relation in life which need to be used for proper and worthy persons. Not to be misused so easily.Why Why Why…

  • Why is that people destroy public property like Government Buses, trains and Government offices in the name of “protests”. Don’t they know its their property built by their own taxes.Why Why Why…
  • Why is that display of patriotism for their country considered as old fashioned habit.  People wish for Diwali, Dasara, holi, Id, X-mas, New year and all but don’t like wishing folks in the same spirit for Independence day or republic day . Why Why Why….

  • Why is that people fight for equality when they agree that they are dumb by taking reservations. Why is that women fight for reservations when they claim they are equal to men? Why why why…
  • Why is that people use the simple word “Thankyou”  so less. Why do’nt they say thankyou for all the services they utilize. They say thankyou only to the services rendered by the white collar job people . Can’t they thankyou to the Conductor when he gives ticket, Auto driver when he drops you at your destination, Man who collects trash at your home, Servant who helps you in daily chores, people who help you in getting your stuff in malls…are’nt these people worthy of a simple “Thankyou”. Why Why why….

Do write me about the things which make you yell “Why Why Why…..”.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post of mine.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

12 thoughts on “Why Why Why…

  1. Everything on this post was nice except for the Bhayya thing.It is just to convey our respect even to the serving class.Because we generally don’t know there names and we cannot call them sabjivala or autowala as it is sign of disrespect.We cannot obviously call them jijaji or freind or Mister.So if they r elder ones we call them kaka or chacha or a bit younger ones bhayya and if women we call them didi or kaki.It is part of the north Indian culture.generally as most hyderabadis are hindi speaking people they use them.But in coastal andhra u don’t find it.Here people call them with their occupaton.But I feel very bad when i see people addressing these serving class like that.So bhayya is really a word of respect and that doesn’t mean that only brothers ought to be called or those who are worthy to be called alone should be addressed so.This makes the serving class feel respected.This is a feel good word.

    1. I agree with you Lalitha but I’ve another version to say…its very inhumane and highly rude behavior to call people by names or yell by their profession. Its definitely a wrong practice but just for time pass or to get the work done…I hate calling un known and un related people “Bhayya” . We can respectfully manage that situation by using “Aaap” and speak decently. I hold high respect for the relation Bhayya. Whether its relation in real world or virtual takes sometime and persons need to be worthy to be called as “Bhayya”. This is my view and people are bound to have their own views….afterall no two people see the same world 🙂
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  2. Nice post. Makes you think.

    Why Sas-Nanad shown that way – Because Ekta Maiya made her shows top chart ones following the same and now all others are feeling even they can get success the same way.

    You say why patriotism is considered old fashioned, here I have seen people calling fellow Indian jingoistic when they tried showing patriotism.

    More than Thank You – I am Sorry – is one I would say people should learn to use more. And use it irrespective of who the other person is.

    1. Hey Bhaskar. Thanks for posting 🙂
      Yep.. Ekta ji has created wrong practice in some aspects…and people think its a success formula. Reg that patriotism…most of the people think we are crazy when we really try to wish them on ID day and republic day…can’t understand their hysteric attitude for New year and all….
      Yep…”I am Sorry” need to be used whenever it is necessary..but does ego permit that 😉

  3. Exactly. Ego. Its this one feeling which does not allow to say this one simple word. I have seen simple misunderstandings or mistakes turning worse, even leading to breaking of relations, just because they kept away from this sorry. I personally feel this Thanks and Sorry are very important for any relation to grow more strong.

    About patriotism – We were told better to think of world and not just India. Unless we show love for your own home, own family, how can you expect showing the same for others. And for this when I wrote Mera Bharat Mahaan, we were all marked as jingoist. Hahahaha.

    1. Bhaskar!!! @ego concept true…its really a big issue..need to say sorry when feel so..but its tough to say “sorry” when you actually don’t feel so 😛
      @Patriotism..Agree with you..its like charity begins at home..first we need to respect our language, respect our country..then understand the beauty of others..instead of making fun of our language and country…

  4. hi prasanna
    After getting into a auto or bus we may not need to call them bhayya and we can just say aap ek ticket dijiye.but first to hire the auto We cannot call them aap,aap as they may be a distant away.So it is obvious that as we cant yell out autowala and so we call them bhayya.That’s it.

    1. Lalitha Behen ji 😉 . Mercy Mercy some mercy on me yaar…. Your comments to my posts remind me the Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharat or Ramayan where 2 epic heroes fight with Astras and they vanish in the air after they collide each other…as they are of equal power…please don’t take your Vajrayuda…I don’t have any ayudha in spare right now….Anyhow..its always pleasure to hear your comments. Your comments make me think better.
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  5. reallyyyyyyyy nice post…

    reservation for women… hmmm its analyzed, discussed, torn and blown many times. Dunno if really people demands this reservation or just a stupid arguement talks for politicians. Might be this term “reservatioin” will be changed to “limit” in future by politicians. and it wil be – “33% limit for women” not more than that. so beware of these politicians.

    And the note on thank you… I do remember saying thanks anna (anna is brother in tamil) to auto drivers… but those situations were only when they demand nominal charges. Shoud i really be thanking someone charging me way high just bcos I come out of an IT building with a tag around my neck???

    congrats again on a gr8 posting…


    1. Hey Balaji,
      Thanks for the comments. Its always pleasure to read your comments 🙂
      Keep visiting.
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

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