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Aam Aadmi ko Aam Nahi Milega!!!

Someyears back, when I was a Lecturer in a college, on the last day of mine in the college, I asked my students about their career plans. All the students were excited to share their vision with all of us and more than this vision sharing aspect it was a good reason for them to have something different from routine Physics lecture 😉 .  As my students were from Science group most of them said ‘Cardioligist’, ‘ Opthamologist’,  ‘Mechanical Engineer’,  ‘Architect’,  ‘Scientist’  etc.

All of us were enjoying this interaction and we continued hearing their ideas , suddenly one girl said ‘MLA’ and entire class became quiet and then after 2 seconds of silence they started laughing. However that girl was quite serious about her ambition of becoming an ‘MLA’. I too was quite shocked and realizing that  Lecturers deserve a better expression 😉 I asked her the reason for chosing such career option. She explained her interest in social service and I asked her why does she need to have a formal career in Politics to do so.  She explained.  Some of the students understood, some of them discussed , some of them did’nt have a clue and wondered what has happened to that dear friend of theirs.    All of us could not stop hearing her ideas as they sounded pretty interesting.  However, we had to end our discussion as I was already getting late for my next lecture in another class.

However, I did not think much about that career episode of my students later as I was busy with my new job.  After somany days I got opportunity to discuss about current affairs and Indian Politics with my friends .  Somehow our discussion took a new twist when were discussing about the role of youth in Indian Politics.  We were quite happy about the young leaders i.,e NextGen leaders. I adore all these leaders as they are there always to voice the opinions of youth in India, which is around 60% of the population.  One of our friends was giving a lecture about these second generation leaders and she gave an analysis and it detailed on how well educated , service minded and energetic they are.  She concluded by saying,  “All the Nextgen leaders are sons/ daughters of well known Netas. It is almost impossible to find Neta who is Aam Aadmi. It is tough for an Aam Aadmi to get into current Indian Politics and even if he gets into it he cannot survive there.  Survival and power is just a fruit of discord for Aam Aadmi . Aam Aadmi Ko Aam(fruit called power) Nahi Milega” . We dispersed to our homes wondering why can’t a common man become a Neta.

Upon introspection, I have the following observations:

  1. To be understood eligibility criteria: Moderate Education, Service Mindedness, leadership qualities, reasonable understanding on the geographical area etc are the eligibility criteria for the leader in an Utopian world. Apart from these criteria Aam Aadmi can qualify to the politics and survive in it only when he is from a well known political family or atleast he is an industrialist . If he does not qualify these criteria, his role is restricted to volunteer for eternity. These qualifications are applicable right from corporator post to the MP post. He cannot imagine getting ticket from his party even before his 75th birthday. However, we don’t have all these criteria written in some book , we need to sense them by common sense.
  2. Party does matter: It is not enough to yell at the top of your voice by saying “We want change..We want change”. It is not possible to survive in a heavily competitive political environment if you are new to politics. You cannot survive or make impact without associating yourself with a well established party.  Sometime back I asked Mr Shashi Tharoor about this in Twitter “@ShashiTharoor Do u think ordinary people can join politics & can really make any difference without the support of well established parties 6:26 PM Aug 15th from web in reply to ShashiTharoor“. He replied back by saying “ShashiTharoor @rayaprolu no, i think you can make the most impact through joining an established party and advancing your beliefs within the system 9:33 PM Aug 15th from web in reply to rayaprolu
  3. Aam Aadmi does not encourage another Aam Aadmi: This might be a strange conclusion but unfortunately this is true. Ordinary people don’t have faith in ordinary contestants. They feel insecure voting for new comers, non branded people. They are not bothered about the educational qualifications, promises of the new comers. Sounds scary but most of the cases, some section of Aam Aadmi does not vote to these new comers as they need to vote for free of cost 😉 . If the contesting new commoner is a female, she might be having another feather in the cap, she has to face character assassination too.

Last but not least, with all these hurdles Aam Aadmi’s desire to serve people through politics is really dying down and may be this might be reason for the people to show negligence in voting. People are not bothered to read party manifesto as parties don’t adhere to it after elections. However,  Service minded youth are trying to associate with some or the other NGO to render their services to the needy people in the society. People never consider Politics as a career option. Even if anyone tries to do so, they are warned by their well wishes not to do that.But still…this service through politics remains a fruit of discord to Aam Aadmi…Aam Aadmi ko Aam Nahi Milega !!!


Prasanna Rayaprolu




A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

4 thoughts on “Aam Aadmi ko Aam Nahi Milega!!!

  1. hi prasanna.
    U had reminded all the members in the forum that it was a long time since we discussed any serious issues.Then itself i was planning to discuss about the greater Hyd issue.But due to this grinding research activity of mine I couldn’t spare any time.But as u have anyhow raised this issue i thought at least of posting a comment.It was very shocking and disappointing to hear that there is only 45% of voting and that the very urban youth and the elite and the educated people of a civilized metro like Hyd had failed to utilize their right to vote.coming to your aam janta,probably they don’t have belief in themselves and so they don’t have belief in even other aam janta.I wonder if this country would ever come out of these so called criteria of caste,social or political status of a candidate.Why can’t even the educated and the youth just think out of the box and cast their vote to a more genuine and a potential candidate.When alone each one makes his contribution and makes a step forward we can take a leap in a forward direction.Here the belief in our judging a candidate matters and not the socio,political and economic status of the candidate.So have belief in our vote.Our vote alone can bring a change.

    1. Agree with you :). Its really shocking to see the 45% voting in GHMC elections. Hope India and Indian Politics come out of the caste, social and politicial status of the candidates.
      Yep. Each vote matters and one should use their vote right wisely 🙂
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  2. Well said… Its a bitter truth about Indian politics. But I hope to change this situation in next 2 or 3 generations where more younger politicians will held higher posts.. Hope to see our hero CB too into politics… 🙂


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