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Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!!


Did you ever encounter a situation in your life when people said to you ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ that you will succeed, or ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ that this will not work for you. I’m sure each one of you might have encountered this sort of situations more than once in your life from various people.  Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!! thing is not at all a worrysome issue if people say it in your good times, because you don’t  have the time or you are not bothered to analyze the meaning of that phrase in that moment of your success. However, this ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ is really really sick when people say this to you in your bad times.

I personally feel this ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ types of people in most cases are not the ones to be  taken seriously. They might not be matured enough to assess the things or people (interestingly they think they are good in this analysis paralysis).

Scenario One :

I have an acquaintance who is Chatur Chachi types; She has this ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ sickness. She quickly switches the sides according to the success or failure of that person or an event. What makes me really wonder is if she really knows something right from the beginning then she should not have bugged the people around or atleast she should have lend a helping hand to put the things in order. She has this psycho mentality of waiting for the things to fall apart and then she desperately waits for the right time to say ‘Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!!’. We people joke about her Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! mentality 🙂

Scenario Two:

In some families, family members especially parents tend to have this ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ attitude to the children in the family. I have a famous Aunt from the coastal side of Andhra who was a poor listener and who was always bothered in pampering her elder son, a super scientist,  good at everything in the planet.  What amazed us folks was that cousin of mine was a normal fellow till recent times. All of a sudden just as Prince Sid became Gautama Buddha, this cousin of mine too got admission in a good university and his wisdom &  knowledge grew competing with  the rate of the gold prices in the world 😉 .  However we thanked stars and God for his success and prayed for his well being. What bothered us until recently was the ‘Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!’ attitude of our Aunt, for every topic or for every issue of discussion she used to say Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!! that my elder son was like that..he gets this..he would get that…good good…we can really appreciate that mother for her wonderful upbringing and her motherhood.

Wait!!! My Aunt’s story does’nt end here…picture baaki hai mere dosth….My Aunt has another son who was a xerox copy of  Darsheel Safari  from the famous Taare Zameen Film in terms of attitude.  This fellow was not inclined to normal and conventional type of academics, he was a fivepoint some one in his Engineering college ; Mother Earth too liked the things this fellow held on, everytime he held something…he used to drop it atleast once..don’t blame him..blame the Mother Earth and her Gravity power. He never did  anything in this world as instructed , poor fellow all the Maslow’s laws applied to this fellow whenever he did any work. By the way do you people know this version of Maslow’s law: If something is wrong, everything goes wrong. Having this famous and notorious sons my Aunt had several crazy times in her life.  What bothered us was everytime this Darsheel Xerox did something seriously and tried to mend his ways, Aunt just used to say Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!! that you are a dufford , you will not succeed as you were a failure earlier and  you will never mend your ways.  Poor xeroxed Darsheel often used to feel sad that loved ones didn’t understand his efforts and felt more sad for assesing him based on his past track record. As an observer from other frame of reference I often used to wonder “If this Aunt knows right from the beginning, why don’t she help the xeroxed Darsheel get over his problematic areas” 😦 😦 😦 , instead of making a mess about the dumbness of this fellow and comparing him to the elder son”. Interestingly, xeroxed Darsheel started a firm of his own with his like minded friends and today he is owning a firm, he earns big fat money and has a creative career.  His mother did’nt change but she started singing the same song with a different tune by saying ‘Yeah I know right from the beginning!!!’ that this second kiddo of mine will be highly successful as he is unconventional and unique :). However this Xeroxed Darsheel cares a damn about the compliments of her mother these days as they don’t affect him.

Scenario Three:

Sometimes we find interesting folks who don’t have atleast small piece of appreciation left for their people in their hardtimes and who shower praises in their good times. I have this close friend of mine who  was waiting for a real ‘break’ in her life. She missed admission into her favorite course because of her not so great marks in the entrance exam.  Then  her Dad blamed her by saying “Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! You are not capable of getting the admission as you are not hardworking and brainy like your brother.  Her mother pestered her by saying Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! that you will not get the admission for sure because you are full of attitude and you always think that you are intelligent than other folks.  Later on this girl studied some other course which she never dreamt even in her wild dreams during her childhood. Some how she drew new career paths and managed to get a job but with a below normal standards pay( not the branded corporate 5 digit wallah starting pay) very quickly as soon as she finished her studies.  She hoped to get some appreciation from her parents atleast in this point of time of her life but interestingly she got haunted by the Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! mania even then. Her mother used to bug her by saying  our maid earns more than you and Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! that you will not earn more than this unlike your school buddies who are well placed in MNC’s.  My friend grew up and just as an other girl waits for her partner she too waited for her life partner. Her parents searched alliances for her. They used to bug her constantly to improve her beauty quotient asap and as much as possible. They used to complain about her dark complextion and even then they haunted her by saying Yeah!I know right from the beginning!!! that you will not get the right guy in right time because you are not humble, susheel, shant, smart unlike your cousins . But!!!! Times don’t remain the same manner for everyone in everytime people do get a break and they get their deserved piece of success. My friend got a job in the world’ s most famous company and within a month she got an alliance from a good guy. She got married and now she is happy with a decent position in world’s top company, with a good husband. Then her parents began saying Yeah!We know right from the beginning!!! that our daughter is different, she is creative, capable and confident. Only few of us know about the real state of my friend all through these years. She was capable but sometimes because of negligence, sometimes because of her bad luck she did’nt get the real break she really wanted in her life. We really knew that she will make something really worthy and great in her life. We too appreciated her by saying Yeah! we know right from the beginning!!! that you are capable sweety!!;)

I just gave these  examples to illustrate interesting human behavior. You too might have faced these type of situations in your life.  Some speak with a 180 degree variation on the basis of your success or failure . They really don’t care about the REAL YOU and the real worthiness of YOU in your hardtimes. Life is like that, we cannot and should not escape from these type of people. One  progresses in life according to the experiences, situations, age and opportunites in life. One need to develop the attitude of UNPERTURBEDNESS to the unhealthy criticisim and unhealthy praises. One should never lose FAITH and BELIEF in oneself immaterial of the situations in life.  One should understand that  every living and non living thing in this universe is WORTHY and we cannot  understand its beauty and worthiness unless and until we make an effort to understand it.


I wish to conclude this lengthy post with a poem constantly cited by my Micro Economics Professor at my University,


Which means, there is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant that is not medicinal |
there is no person unworthy, what is lacking is an ‘enabler’ ||

(Poem Courtesy:

Hope you people think for a sec, the next time when you use the phrase “Yeah! I know right from the beginning!!!” and try to appreciate people in their bad times rather showering praises in their good times. Small words of appreciation do matter a lot when there is a famine of appreciation in a person’s life 🙂

Happy Children’s Day. Keep the Childishness in you alive and thats what makes your life beautiful 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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