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Oh!! Reality Shows….Yeah They Are Real!!!


Like any other day I switched on my TV after a day long work accompanied by the crazy traffic jam on the way back to home. I was lazily browsing the channels and to my horror I found a 5 year old girl dancing to the item song from the film POKIRI in a Telugu channel.  That girl enacted sexy expressions and what irritated me more was the encouragement given by the bunch of fools who were present to judge that show. An old aged judge of that show was watching the sexy steps of that 5 year old kid “blissfully” as if he was watching the “Viswaroopam of Lord Krishna”.  Parents of that kid were smiling with “modesty” for producing such a child prodigy. I really felt like jumping into my TV screen and felt like hitting the parents of that 5 year old for letting their daughter do such adult dance in such age. Those parents don’t have any right to exploit her childhood in such a manner where she is supposed to read her poems and fairy tales.

My blood pressure was soaring high seeing the reaction of all the nautanki people there. To control my blood pressure, I switched to another channel and in that they were showing mess about the intimate moments of some so called celebrity couple. I was wondering who the hell were that “worried couple”, worried about the  so called celebrity couple’s intimacy. After few seconds I came to know that this “worried couple” left their 5 year kid with these people as a part of the reality show. This celebrity couple were supposed to behave as responsible mummy and daddy before that 5 year kid of theirs. So original parents of that 5 year kid i.,e  this “worried couple” were banging these celebrity couple for not controlling their emotions before child and they gave bhashan about controlling the harmones and all….

Wondering what this program was all about…I switched to another channel …to my agony that channel was also having some reality show in it. In that,  two well known woman of film industry, who are the participants of that reality show, are pulling the boxers of another participant, who is well known person of TV industry. I could’nt make head or tail of the acts of those ladies. Mean while there was a commercial break and even in that a handsome gentleman who is a well known neta’s son was asking Kya aap mujhse shaadi karengi” and then to participate in this show dail blah blah…. to the number eta zeta etc…By this time I got vexed of TV and I got back to my library only to read “3 Mistakes of My life” by Chetan Bhagat.


Prasanna Rayaprolu




A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

4 thoughts on “Oh!! Reality Shows….Yeah They Are Real!!!

  1. awsome article madem.. really you are correct. Parents should take care of there children. I really feel that if these kids grow no one can control them. God plz help.

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