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Remembering Mrs Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi On Her 25th Death Anniversary

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Some years ago when my granny died, an acquaintance of hers came to visit us. She consoled in her own fashion by saying “It is wise to speak only good things about the dead people rather discussing their bad deeds; however there are only good things to be spoken about your granny”. These words of that wise old lady tickled our funny bones even in that hour of grief. In the similar manner I decided to pay tributes to my role model and my favorite leader Mrs. Indira Gandhi on her 25th death anniversary. I do not bother to discuss the controversial aspects of her life as those controversial aspects are of no use to anyone. 

It is natural for the people to analyze Mrs Indira Gandhi with respect to her politics and her administrative style ; however I wish to throw some light on the aspects of Indira as a  daughter, wife, mother and last but not least as a PERSON.  

Indira as a Daughter… 


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Indira was born on November 17th in the year 1917 to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamala Nehru. Kamala Nehru was a religious lady and her lifestyle differed from the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Nehru’s family members. This difference in lifestyles of her mother and other family members resulted in loner personality of Indira. However, Indira  was a caring daughter. She used to take good care of her mother who had not so good health. She had a wonderful relationship with her father. Rather we can say Nehru was a great father. He always wanted to transfer his knowledge , his vision to Indira even though he was busy with the Indian Independence movement.  In Indira’s childhood, Nehru used to transfer his knowledge and his ideas to Indira through letters, which he used to write even from the jails.  These letters depict the wonderful relation that Dad and Daughter shared. ( Some of the abstracts of these letters were taken and are given as lessons to school students in these times and this is another issue 😉 ).

Indira as a wife…


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Indira met  Feroze Gandhi in Europe during the time of illness of her mother Kamala. Indira fell in love with Feroz. It seems she liked Feroze Gandhi’s openness, sense of humor and self-confidence. Feroz who hails from parsi family, was a Journalist and active political activist.  Initially , Nehru did not show much interest in this alliance of Indira, he wanted Indira to concentrate on career. However later on his approval Indira’s marriage took place with Feroze Gandhi in March 1942. However , their relation faced some hard times after the birth of their sons Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Indira had to move to Delhi from Allahabad to concentrate on Indian Politics as her dad wished.


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However as the time passed Indira and Feroze reconciled their relationship. They stayed together happily until Feroze Gandhi’s death in the year 1960. I could not resist presenting these abstracts related to Feroze and Indira  from Katherene Frank’s book “Indira”

“On 17 February, shortly after her term as Congress President expired, Indira was operated on. Feroze was with her at the hospital and after she was discharged, he moved back into Teen Murti to nurse her during her convalescence. In June 1960, when Indira was fully recovered, she, Feroze and the children returned to Kashmir for a holiday. Feroze told Indira that he had just bought a piece of land in Mehrauli, near Delhi, and they spoke of building a house there for themselves – their own house rather than Teen Murti or Feroze’s government bunglow……..


Scarcely two months later, on the night of 7 September, Indira was told that Feroze had suffered another heart attack. Indira’s assistant Usha Bhagat told her, Feroze had been drifting in and out of consciousness, rousing himself periodically to ask, ‘Where’s Indu?’……

At about 4.30 am on the morning of the 8th, he opened his eyes. Indira was sitting beside him. She had not slept or eaten all night and seeing her pale,  gaunt face,  Feroze told her she must go get some break fast. She refused. Feroze lost consciousness again. Indira was with him whenhe stopped breathing at 7.45 am. It was just four days short of what would have been Feroze’s forty-eighth birthday.

Indira rode with Feroze’s body when its was taken from the hospital to Teen Murti. She insisted upon washing it herself and preparing for cremation. She refused to allow anyone else to help her or even be present while she did this……

As she described her state much later, ‘My whole mental and physical life changed suddenly, my bodily functions changes…. I was physically ill. It upset my whole being for years… it was not just a mental shock, but it was as though someone had cut me int two.”

(You can find complete things in the book Indira  by Katherene Frank

Indira as a mother…


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Indira was a caring, normal mother like any other normal woman. She never let her political life come in between her and her sons. She used to take a good take in upbringing. She let her sons choose their life partners and she used to spend quality time with family members in spite of her busy schedules.


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Indira as a Person…


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It is tough to believe that such a busy body like Mrs.Indira Gandhi had hobbies and she really had time to pursue to those hobbies. Mrs. Gandhi had good interest in music, fine arts and literature. In fact, she used to like Indian hand-loom sarees a lot and she promoted Indian culture and hand looms a lot.


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Indira Gandhi was a voracious reader right from her childhood. This habit was fostered by her father Nehru. Library at her ancestral home, Anand Bhavan used to have more than sixty thousand books and it was said that Nehru used to add books each time he visited that place.  This habit developed with her age, even in her prime ministerial years she used study a lot and she used to have vast collection of books even at her Safdarjung residence.

Indira’s death…


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Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 31st , 1984 by her two sikh body guards at her official residence at Safdurjung in retaliation to the Operation Bluestar . Indira Gandhi was taken to AIIMS by her favorite daughter in law, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.  Indira Gandhi died in AIIMS.

This year 2009, marks 25th death anniversary of  the Iron Lady of India “Mrs. Indira Gandhi”.

Got a chance to visit Indira Gandhi memorial at New Delhi  and I captured all the images  I could capture . Here are the  Pics


Prasanna Rayaprolu



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16 thoughts on “Remembering Mrs Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi On Her 25th Death Anniversary

    1. Nice article…
      I was born two years after her death.. but still she is my heroine….
      i had a satisfaction of conversing with her about herself..
      thx…. keep doing d good work…..
      Veni P S

  1. Your short description was very informative.But I contradict with you on the lines that controversial thing are of no use to anyone.Because every mistake in the past teaches something for the future.To many,especially women ,Indira Gandhi stands as a role model due to her unique personality which proclaimed the strength of a women.But a t the same time her hardiness in some aspects had put the state at unrest and probably cost her life.She was a very powerful diplomat of her time and voiced not only India but the whole of Asia.At times I think that her act at the time of emergency and before had helped India in not being divided into Hindustan and Khalistan(Autonomous state of Sikhs).She had been at times infamous for trampling down all those who voiced against the party or their decisions.
    But still she stands high with her charismatic personality which lured the hearts of many all over the globe.

  2. Thanks for the nice pictures. While I was a student at Kurnool Medical College, I sent her a personal letter congratulating her for her appointment as India’s Prime Minister in 1966. She had graciously responded to my letter. I met her at her residence in New Delhi in 1967 when I went there as a student delegate to take part in a National Student Seminar on National Integration. On completion of my training as a Medical Officer of Army Medical Corps; during 1971, I was sent on deputation to an Establishment which was supervised by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Secretariat. I had an opportunity to watch her foreign policy initiatives as I was directly involved in implementing some of those initiatives. I had served under Brigadier T S Oberoi, a military commander whom she had trusted and we did well in the Indo-Pak War of 1971. After the 1971 War, my Force Commander Brigadier T S Oberoi was promoted to the rank of Major General and had moved to New Delhi as the Head of the Establishment in which I had continued to serve. General K S Sundarji, the military commander who had executed Operation Blue Star is also known to me as I had served under him during 1976 to 1978 while he commanded an Armoured Division. As I had served under General T S Oberoi and General Sundarji, I knew some of their personal qualities. Based upon the personal knowledge, I had to regretfully claim that Indira Gandhi made a mistake in choosing General Sundarji for that particular sensitive mission. At a minimum, she must have spoken to General Oberoi who was then commanding India’s Southern Army. She had personally known him prior to the 1971 War. Later, her son Rajiv Gandhi who had become the Prime Minister of India had selected and elevated General Sundarji to the position of the Chief of Army Staff completely overlooking the qualifications of General Oberoi. While admiring and paying respects to Smt. Indira Gandhi, we need to know as to how she made a wrong choice while planning a delicate and sensitive military strike on a place of worship.

    1. Thankyou Sir for visiting my blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences and views. Keep visiting my blog 🙂
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  3. Having seen Mrs.Indira Gandhi and heard her speeches, I went back to those days of national integration speeches on seeing the photos. They are well placed in the page.

    1. Thankyou GB KHOT ji for visiting my blog 🙂
      Hmm… you might have been excited seeing her and hearing her speeches.
      Keep visiting my blog.
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  4. Mrs Indira Gandhi
    A world leader, a beautiful woman, thinking about Mrs Gandhi attracts an inspiration for me to succeed in my life.
    May she truly rest in peace and I will never forget her.
    Thank you so much for your detailed rememberance, thanks for illustrating the pictures.

  5. Nice article…..
    i was born in 1988…but still SHE is my role model…
    thnx 4 such valueable info and nice pics….
    keep doing d good job

  6. Remembaring on the eve of Smt Indira Gandhi 27 th Birth day ,a Gr8 amazing qualities of india’s first prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi .. Indira priya darshini a lovable daughter of Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru , had a fantastic visionary virtues , a role model for everyone is worth to share her best statesmanship qualities n timely decisions to strengthen the Nation for the the best is memorable . A good article with nice pics of Strong iron lady of India.

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