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Austerity Costs A Lot Baby!!!!


In the era of rediscovering oneself, one’s identity and all…Indian Politics rediscovered the mantra of “Austerity “. Lots of politicians are chanting this “Austerity” mantra. Don’t think that they are simply chanting for namesake, they are following it. Poor creatures!! What can they do if their higher authorites themselves are following that Austerity mantra. Whatever! Everything happens for a reason and for the good of mankind. 

Austerity is not a new mantra to Indians. This has been coming to us from several centuries. In fact, people who shun material comforts voluntarily are treated with lot of respect and put on high pedestal in Indian culture. This is the reason  why so many elite and classy people of these generations are dying to implement the principle of “Simple Living and High Thinking” in their lives. However, most of them turn to be adopting “High Living and Simple Thinking” 😉

 If we observe the life style of age old sages (of course at least we might have seen sages in Ramanand Sagar ji’s serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Don’t ever image a Ekta Kapoorish types stylish sages..they are not applicable in this context). They had a simple lifestyle. It included simplicity in their dressing, food and comforts. They chose that type of life style, of their choice not because of poverty. Simple food is supposed to be pranic food which really keeps oneself healthy and intelligent. Simple food which includes fresh fruits, sprouts and all vegetables is meant to be of Sattvic nature. It increases divinity in those food takers. It influences their behavior. Sages used to wear jute and cotton clothes (am not that sure if they wore silk and wonder if they had mechanism to extract silk from cocoons and all). Those clothes were supposed to be good to human skin and human body as a whole. Simple lifestyle helps oneself to concentrate on their core competency area and excel in it.  Austerity, the advanced version of simple living was the mantra of sages. This is the reason they were respected and almost worshipped by the Kings.  

Ok! Taking the cue from today’s Indian politicians even if I want to move on austerity drive it is costing me a lot. Yes! Am not joking!!! I say once again “Austerity Costs A LOTTTTTT Baby!!! “.  Even if we want to shift to Sattvic food completely I cannot do so. Ask me the exact reason. Fruits are so expensive. Yeah. You are not hearing wrong. Ordinary fruits like Apple, Banana , and Pomegranate cost me a lot. Sprouts are costly. Ok even if want to switch to complete khadi and cotton dresses. They are quite costly than ordinary dresses. With all these can we adopt Austerity Mantra.

Please suggest!!


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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