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Simile between Vehicle and Person

Finally, felt like updating my blog after a long gap. Otherday during a tete a tete with my boss we had a chance to discuss an interesting topic from a book written by Joel Osteen. Its basically about the potential in each person and the level we really utilize.

Each one of us has ample talent. We use only 10% of our talent. The goal is to find our purpose,utilize maximum talent we posses in the achievement of our goals and the purpose we are sent to Planet Earth.

We can compare Vehicle and its speed limit to Person and his potential.

A person drives his vehicle at the speed limit he sets. The challenge is to raise to the level of the speed the vehicle is set for you by its manufacturer.

Similarly, a person uses his potential only to the level of limits set by him. One need to push one’s limits and achieve the levels set for him by the CREATOR.

Its vehicle or person its all about extending one’s limits and using one’s potential to maximum extent.


Prasanna Rayaprolu