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Telugu Film “BONI” Review : Pulihora kadu kichidi….

How do you feel when you get a bad product for the fat money you invest?
How do you feel when you get a bad product in exchange for the valuable time you invest?
Ok.. Ok..Lemme drive the point do you feel when you go to a film of your favourite star on one fine weekend and it turns to be a crappy film?
Sumanth is one of my favorite heroes… I don’t claim that am a diehard fan of Sumanth..however…this guy does sensible and decent movies. It does’nt matter if his movies are commerical hit or flops..but till date he has done sensible movies….

Hmm!! This guy’s role in Godavari film is my favorite movie character till date.
After seeing such nice roles…its natural to expect his movies to have some story and some sense.
Last weekend, I went to his latest movie “BONI”. The movie was interesting . The hero acted well, heroine acted well, other actors performed well, the music was good, cameraman’s work was awesome. Movie’s story is so dumb. Hero and his friend are orphans who try to fulfill the wish of their caretaker…guesswhat..what’s the wish of that caretaker…”Having a own PULIHORA center(pulihora is favorite rice item in Andhra Pradesh).”

Ok!! We understand the beauty of PULIHORA..but why the hell are these Hero and his friend not really bothered about the business plan and all about that PULIHORA Center.  Such a senseless Hero…

On the otherhand we have our heroine, who is having a NGO. She is a minister’s daughter. Her mission is to pay the money and get the lands back of people in a village.  Guess what!!! What’s the amount…. 4 crore rupees…One minute!!!! Where the hell are MP/MLA / District Collector of that area? Is she is some jungle raaj where the Administration of the state is completely in dirty state.

Ok! Having some respect for the aims and aspirations of this hero and heroine..I made an effort to stay back in the hall and tried to see the film.

Now comes the real twist in the film. To acheive her goal..this heroine plans a dumb kidnap exercise and eventually she falls in to the BONI kidnap of Hero..After some several dumb twists and turns..the film end with the heroine SAVING the people of the village.

This film’s heroine is soooooooo dumb that she realises or gets that feeling of Love towards hero ONLY in the last scene of the film. Totally BONI is a kichidi film. It got all elements needed for a successful film but the basic ingredient “STORY” is missing……

You can enjoy this movie in individual comedy scenes, nice songs with wonderful picturisation and decent music. Sumanth is really looking handsome and the newcomer krithi is also looking awesome. She acted well. This film would have been really nice if it had sensible story….

All of you watch this film for its wonderful picturization …..


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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