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Do Election Manifestos Matter?

Yes another season of Indian Elections. General Elections for 15th Loksabha are going to take place in this April 2009. India is World’s Largest Democracy. The beauty of Democracy lies in the elections and the way in which the leaders are elected.  To know the issues to be addressed by any political party in that particular election, we need to understand the concepts addressed by that party in their “MANIFESTO”. But the million dollar question is “Do election manifestos matter?” ; “How many of us really read the manifestos before voting?”. Generally we are in a notion that manifestos are just for  NAMESAKE . May be we are wrong.

Do read this article about the importance of manifestoes:

And do manage to steal some of your time to read the manifestos of major political parties :

Congress Party :



Loksatta party:

Do read them and please don’t forget to VOTE. Use your RIGHT TO VOTE 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Robin Sharma uvacha and Rayaprolu interprets : 5 step method for attaining goals


Yes agree that we need to have goals in life. If we have a goal , then how should we achieve our goals, what method should we adopt to achieve those goals? Are there any methods to achieve our goals. In the book “The Monk who sold Ferrari”, Mr. Robin Sharma made an attempt to help us in attaining our goals. He suggested a method called “The five Step Method For Attaining Goals”.

I wish to mention that method in simple words, please try to think about this method. The five steps suggested are :

  1. Have a clear vision of your outcome.
  2. Create positive pressure to keep you inspired.
  3. Never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it.
  4. Follow the magic rule of 21: The Magic rule of 21 is ” For a new behavior to crystallize into a habit, one habit to perform the new activity for 21 days in a row”.
  5. Enjoy the Process. Make sure that you have fun while you are advancing along the path of your goals and purpose.

We will understand it in a better manner by taking a simple example.  Say you want to learn “Web designing “. You need to have a proper vision about your goal of learning the web designing. You need to create postive pressure by telling your friends and family about your goal of learning web designing. They will suggest you about the course, encourage you to practice when you start learning etc. When you start learning, practice that habit regulary atleast for 21 days. Last but not least , you need to enjoy this process of learning 🙂

However, one need to remember that one need to start afresh in life without regretting what has happened in the past 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu 🙂

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Robin sharma uvacha and Rayaprolu interprets : Self Mastery


People have been speaking from several years about the importance of having goals in life and the methods to achieve the goals. First of all the million dollar question is “Why should any one have a goal? Is it possible for all to attain the goals? Is’nt it unfair that ONLY some people have a better life style, have more success, command respect whereas others don’t get the things they deserve. Why is that only some people are SUCCESSFUL?

Robin Sharma Uvacha ( From the book  “The Monk who sold Ferrari”):

“Success on the outside begins with success on the inside. If you really want to improve your outerworld, whether this means your health, your relationships or your finances, you must first improve your inner world. The most effective way to do this is through the practice of continous self improvement. Self Mastery is the DNA of life mastery.”

Ain’t this thought about the Success Inside and Success Outside interesting.  What I understand from the above concept is  :


So, to do all these we need to have goals in life and a systematic method to achieve those . Don’t you agree with me on this :). In this context I cannot resist quoting this from Chapter Six of Bhagavad Gita “One   should   lift   oneself   by   one’s   own efforts   and   should   not   degrade   oneself;   for one’s   own   self   is   one’s   friend,   and   one’s  own   self   is   one’s   enemy”.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Robin Sharma Uvacha and Rayaprolu Interprets: Opposition Thinking

dsc019231In this first post  based on Robin Sharma’s book , I would like to present before you the concept of “Opposition Thinking”. 

The concept of Opposition Thinking is as follows :

“Anyone can create a positive , creative mindset within a short period. The process is straightforward. When an undesirable thought occupies the focal point of your mind,immediately replac it with a uplifting one”.

I tried to explain this concept with the below given example. Hope it helps 🙂

If you are angry with a tiny act of your Boss or collegue.  As we know that at any point of time mind enterains only single type of thought, make use of this quality of mind. Try to divert the anger you have on your Boss or collegue by the method of Opposition thinking. Forcibilly think some positive thought about the person whom you are angry with. Try to recollect the time or incident in which they helped you, gave you some valuable suggestion or something like that.  So when you build on these positive thoughts you will no longer have much time and thought for the anger you got earlier. Try to apply this principle of Opposition Thinking in every relationship of yours. It definetly brings positive changes in your life 🙂 and won’t you be in the path of happiness when you control your anger and negative feelings 😉

By the way, you can read about this concept of “Opposition Thinking” in a detailed manner in seventh chapter of  the book “The Monk who sold ferrari”.

Happy Reading 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Robin Sharma Uvacha and Rayaprolu Interprets: Introduction


It has been long time that I made an effort to write some stuff in my blog. These days I’m doing Robin Sharma chanting all the time ;). I refer to his quotes or the concepts in his books whenever I talk to my family members, collegues and friends. Haha! Such is the influence Robin Sharma made on me, by writing the book “The Monk who sold Ferrari”. This is not the brand new book released by Robin Sharam. This was written by him ages ago.However, I made an effort  to read this book  this March. 

This book contains all the stuff which mom , dad and Granny have been telling me from several years. This book contains all the age old Indian traditions retold in a refined and practical manner. The concepts are modified, well written for present day people. 

You need to read this book :

  • If you want to have HAPPINESS with the present conditions
  • If you want to lead a SYSTEMATIC and MEANINGFUL LIFE
  • If you want to MASTER your DESTINY

I recommend all of you to buy this book and read it page wise slowly understanding each concept in it without any hurry. I’m not advertising this book but am suggesting this book for everyone who want to lead a meaningful life and master their destiny 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu