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Skin colour does matter Baby !!!!!



Do you know that I am celebrating the success of Mr.Barack this corner of the world, INDIA? Not that am against Mr.George Bush or nor am I a diehard fan of Obama. My celebrations are only for the reason ” I see a black person in the most powerful role in the White House”. Is’nt it really a sweet and interesting thing to see this change. Yes, I do agree that Obama is’nt elected for the only reason ” he is a black”. Agree or not..this is also one factor which made people think and drived them to vote. 

You may mean is this this 21st century..this girl is still bothered about SKIN COLOUR. My reply to you is “SKIN COLOUR DOES MATTER BABY!!!!!”. People with darker skin are not bugged by some westeners or any other foreign people. They are just bugged by the people in their own community. They are bugged by their own people. The goal decided by the family members or so called “well wishers” of these ‘Color Challenged People” is nothing but to become “White”.  As if being White is the ultimate destination of a human. Arrey yaar..why don’t these so called wellwishers understand that these BLACK colour skinned people are born to be BLACK just as others are born to be WHITE or WHEATISH..whatever…. . Just imagine the mind state of person who is just bugged about his /her skin colour for which he/she is not responible…

 The condition of black skinned Indian girls is really pathetic.  How much ever the girl tries to brush aside the “Colourism” issue, it hinders her progress several times. Can anyone make people understand that Intelligence, Humanity are not based on SKIN COLOUR? 

Some quick facts about the some people who really respect BLACK (borrowed from wikipedia site 😉 ):

Black can be seen as the color of authority and seriousness.



Mysterious thing about this BLACK colour is …people like Black Dresses, Black Cars, Black Pens..whatever…but they don’t have that much respect for the BLACK skinned people. Yes agree that this is not a new issue I’m talking about. This is an age old issue. The sad part of the story is this problem is not solved yet. This problem gets solved only when people understand that BLACK is as colourless as WHITE..afterall as a Physics Student I say..BLACK and WHITE are not colours 🙂

Change has’nt come to my Country yet wrt to the Colourism. Hoping for a day in India ..where dark skinned people are not looked down because of their SKIN COLOUR…


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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