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Where has all the goodness gone Ramalinga Raju garu :(

Hi All !

It has been long time that I wrote a post in my blog. I could not resist writing a post on Satyam and its King “Ramalinga Raju garu”. Definetly January 7th 2009 is a historic day in Indian Corporates. Ramalinga Raju of Satyam computers resigned after confessing that he has done a fraud of several thousand crore rupees as a part of making the company. (see this:

Satyam was(is) the one of desired companies by the software professionals in India. People looked at Shri Ramalinga Raju as an inspirational personality. He developed Satyam to a considerable level by an incessant hard work of 32 years. Politicians, press and all used to feel as a privilage to rub shoulders with “Satchaym Raju”. They found every aspect of Raju marvelous, superb, inspirational.  The milestones achieved by Satyam were also remarkable(

But what amazes me is the way people try to nullify all the acts of a person. Definelty Mr Raju has not done an excellent job or wonderful job by doing this scam. But how far is it genuine to say that all his acts were blunders and all the works done by him were corrupt. The most irritating thing is the blame put on 108 service of satyam. , Satyam’s foundation introduced a emergency health service through Ambulance ..generally people call it as “108” services. These services are excellent and they saved thousands of lives.  How can people simply criticise every damn service of Satyam and its founder Mr Raju.To read more read this news article

 The employees of Satyam , even today don’t like speaking bad about Raju and still they have respect for Mr Raju. The reactions and unnecessary interpretations are made by the Politicians  or people not at all related to Satyam in any form or media which makes every opportunity it gets to increase its existence.

Where has all the goodness done by Mr Raju gone. This hostility shown by people reminds me a telugu poem

“Koorimigala dinamulalo neramulu yennadu kalaganeravu Mari aa koorimi virasambainanu neramule tochu chundu nikkamu sumathi”!!!!!!!!!!!

The meaning of this above poem is ” In the times of freindship , the mistakes of a person are not seen, but the time that friendship breaks ONLY the mistakes of that person are found”….

Definelty Raju is not a hero but he is not a terrorist or rapist. He too deserves some respect.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

PS: I respect the laws and I donot intend to hurt anyone, these are my personal opinions. I’m a person who respect the law and sincerely beleive that any person is  not above  the law of the land. 🙂


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

7 thoughts on “Where has all the goodness gone Ramalinga Raju garu :(

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Prasanna’s comments. It is fair to say that we are all shattered to hear the story as it unravels.. To me Mr Raju was a hero and a great visionary with a unique combination of commercial and political wisdom to execute his vision with energy and drive. It is rather unfortunate to see these events unfold. It is important to note that Mr Raju, while at the helm, cannot be the only person responsible for this mess.

    While I do not condone the current situation for a minute, it is essential that we recognise and maintain the sanctity around the achievements that are his legacy as well. It is critical that we do not nullify and pull down the very credible infrastructure that the Byrraju Foundation, Satyam Foundation and EMRI have built for the communities at large. If anything, I’d rather see us all extend our support to these institutions to ensure continued services.

    regards, partha

  2. I agree that Mr. Ramalinga Raju is no hero. , but,he is no terrorist either. Though he is the perpetrator of this scam, please bring those other people also who are hiding in the garb of honesty and innocence. Why blame only Ramalinga Raju? What about his Advisors who are yet to be traced?

  3. It is intresting to read about Satyam and Mr. Raju, however i am forced to think why people do such things? What kind of reasons will justify such an act? Can a hungry person steal? If he cannot, but learn to work hard to feed himself and his family. What would you call a person who steals to feed his dieing wife? A thief.

    So I think no matter what reasons one may have or what charity one may have done, one cannot justify an immoral act.

    Further, as Indians we argue, thief Me! what about all others who are stealing. As if if others steal it will justify me becoming a thief.

  4. I agree with Prasanna when she said that it is not genuine to say that to say that all his acts were blunders and all the works done by him were corrupt.
    Defnitely Mr.Raju is one of the pioneers of the Information technology industry in India. He deserved a lot of respect.But he has lost his integrity to survive in the cut throat Business competition and fudged up the accounts. He has violated the moral and ethical code of conduct which is the heart of corporate governance.Providing falsified finanacial information to the investors and stakeholders is a corporate crime. Being a CEO of one of the top companies of the country,knowing the severe consequences of his act and still doing it is a white collared crime at the highest level. How is it different from any other conventional crime?? (where people commit crimes without morals and ethics).

    Definitely politicians and media are using this scam to increase their existence. That’s the sad state of affairs in our state. We have politicians who just care about their “kursis” and media which cares about increasing their viewership.But I personally feel that all of us should abstain from participating in any kind of sympathy campaign on Mr.Raju. I am suprised to see satyam employees blogs saying that they should respect him and he has done everything in the best interest of employees and the company.How can Financial deception for years be considered as an act in the interest of the company?

  5. It is now what you were (or how you showed off). It’s what you are remembered for.

    One of the greatest presidents of the United States , Mr. WJB Clinton is mostly remembered for his scandal with M Lewinsky and his lies and less about how he ended the post world-war era and for the booming economy he created.

    M Jackson will be remembered not just for the greatest selling album of all time ‘Thriller’ but also a person who went too often under the knife and who got too intimate with children.

    So will be Eliot Spitze, John Edwards and may be Britney too. At least those were personal and what they did to the world is still excellent.

    But lets talk of Bernard Madoff and such others. I am sure you know how many people (espcially retired ) people lost their life time savings because of Madoff. If we can say to him ..ooh its just 50 billion dollars and just a few peoples lives, we might as well say it to Mr. Raju too.

    I was drunk and ran of a person on the road yesterday but I was always a great person and always gave money to the poor. And I am really sorry for the victim’s family as my attempt to bribe the police failed.

    The fundamental principles taught by Warren Buffett for long term investing is in Jeopardy because of Enron, Worldcom and Satyam and this causes further deterioration of the markets, and raised questions of trust on the entire Indian corporate family. The direct and indirect impacts on the Jobs, economy and people at many levels (employees, investors, IT people) is … well you know.

    Mr.Raju just lied, tried to further cheat by acquiring Maytas , dumped most stock, withdrew cash … But I think we should still remember him for his 108 or whatever and “He too deserves some respect.”. ohh yea, sure.

    Medi pandu chooda …..
    Purshulandu , Punya purshulu Vaaru..

    I really appreciate your blog… Its just that I had an opinion as everybody else. I look forward for more interesting blogs from you. Thanks !


  6. Ayyo!!! Ayyo!! The things done by Mr Raju are really very cheap, horrible and I don’t know how this gentleman is happily reading Bhuddist books.This is the another example of a case where Greed for FAME, NAME made a MAN MEAN.
    Hope the law takes its own course without the interruption of any external agents 😉

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