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Hurray! Chandrayaan 1 Launched Successfully :)

It gives me immense pleasure to say that India launched its first unmanned aircraft to Moon successfully today that is 22nd October 2008. I always have the interest in viewing the things realted to astronomy. This habit of mine is from my dad. Dad and me never miss making an effort to see the Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse , Occult or any space related things. The interesting part is we both will be involved in lots of experimentation that we actually miss the live telecasts which we get in television. However, we pat ourselves by saying we did some experimenting which was really on track. However whenever there is a launch in ISRO…when we are at home ..we don’t miss watching it. The excitement, the tension we too undergo sitting near the TV sets…by watching the launch live in Doordarshan is really immeasurable 🙂

Today morning Dad, Mom and me woke up early had our morning filter coffee and sat before our TV by 6:00 Am to watch the live of Chandrayaan1. Its not that we understand every bit of the graphs that are displayed on TV but we understand something. We curiously waited for ISRO chief Shri Madhavan Nair to clap and hug his collegues. That is the indication about the success of the mission.

The details about the mission are given in this section of ISRO site :



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