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Breaking News: Jaagore News walla Jaago

Hi All,

It has been several days that I really got some quality time to blog something. However busy I’m.. I do make it a point to know the news for the day.. I have the habit of checking the headlines atleast through google news or I find these news useful. Coming back to the Indian news channels, we do have pretty good number of news channels in English, Hindi and regional languages. With the increase in the number of news channels the viewers are having several advantages and disadvantages. You might be agreeing with the advantages part… might be wondering..what might be the disadvantages? Let me explain. Let us throw some light on the advantages part of the News channels:

  • We get the news before they actually complete to happen. I mean we get the news so fast that we have a live telecast before that event or any incident really starts to happen or occur 😉
  • We need not wait or bother to hear the verdicts from courts because the trials actually take place in the news channels itself
  • We need not make any effort to tune to some entertainment channels as the news programmes are themselves a big dramas, thrillers…

These are only some of the infinite advantages of the current Indian News Channels. Hope you can understand my anger in describing those above so called “advantages”. Basically I believe that every person should follow everyday’s news to keep himself updated about the society he is living in. News need not be dramatic and sexy all the times. News are News. It is upto the viewer or reader to analyse or digest according to his world. Nowadays..every simple piece of news is unnecessarily dramatised. We can understand the level of completition these news channel people are facing in their market. They feel they need to be different to make their presence felt. In this process of “TRP rating” race they are leaving the basic purpose of news. Arrey! News should be useful to the viewer yaar :)!!!!! Nowadays we have “Breaking News” so often. Earlier “Breaking News” were those only news which are sudden and which are of high importance. Blame our innocent news channels who donot know which is “breaking” and which is “non-breaking” news. Every damn thing is a breaking news for them. We are really vexed of the  news like “Amitabh bachchan is doing this…amitabh bachchan is doing that… SRK is fighting with that..SRK is partying with that….Dhoni is doing that..Bhajji is doing that….”. Arrey Yaar! We do agree that Big B is really great person, he is pride of Indian Film Industry..he is such a humble human being. But we need to understand that they are also human;they too do normal activities like anyother human being…they too have some life..we need to respect their Privacy. Why the hell should the news channels broadcast the news of these celebrities 24/7. Yes. We do agree that fans like us are concerned or curious to know about their well being. It is enough for us if  you people telecast their well being once or twice in a day. We are not interested to peep into the private lives of other people . There are much much more important news in the world. Several people are dying because of natural calamities,several people are facing several issues. Global Economy is rocking and the stock markets are dancing. Please enlighten about these type of issues 🙂

 I donot say that these news channels donot broadcast any useful news..but the quality and the priority of the news is really decreasing. The role played by electronic and print media in ourlives is tremendous. They can really create lot of impact on the society. Hope our beloved news channel people give useful news to us.

Please help us in knowing those useful news..may be we can extend our the help to those needy people. Jaagore..News walla..Jaago.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jaagore News walla Jaago

  1. hi prasanna,
    yeah i agree with u…….
    these news channels should wake up especially these regional language channels.may be u caught about which channel i am commenting.


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