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Thanks to Police Uncle :)

Do you remember yesteryear’s Bollywood movies? When does the Police come into the scene? guessed right! They come with lot of noise at the end of the climax of the film and the SI says “You are under arrest” to main villan and puts the handcuffs to the villan.

Yes agree that corruption levels in Police department are lil bit high but how far is it genuine to consider them as goondas and be in a myth that they are demons. Imagine the number of police that get hurt during the dharnas, demonstrations and riots.

Did we ever think about the traffic police who stays at the signal in the rain, in summer and in severe winter. Ofcourse it is his job but do we respect him? Because of some corrupt police we donot care the rest of the police.

Yesterday during my commute from office to home, there was severe rain. Water in some main roads got accumulated, there were some problematic places. In every problematic area there was police, he was directing people away from that problematic zone, all these police were doing their job very religiously in that heavy rain.

Driving my point home, I say its time we stop seeing Police as goonds or make some mockery of Indian Police System. Our life will be in hardships if they stop doing their duty. First we need to behave as responsible citizens before blaming the administration or system 🙂

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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