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Do women need reservations in India?

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Debates on women and men are ever green and never-ending. Thanks to the improved education system and improved economy. I don’t like to quote statistics ,however, it is evident that the “issue of basic education” is a priority to most of the people in India. Immaterial of the economic class of a person, he/she is striving hard to educate his/her children. Every one knows that this life is a journey and only fittest survive here in a better manner. Educating their children in a better manner is the basic priority in most of the Indians. For example,this struggle is evident in a daily labourer in some slum of Hyderabad 🙂 or a Project Lead in some Energy company in Hitec City of Hyderabad 🙂

Everyone needs to perform well to better himself and his family. This struggle is not restricted to some gender, some tribe or some geographical area. Intelligence in humans is not arranged on the basis of gender, geographical area or some religion. Then why do people need reservation? Why do some people demand reservations? Why do they confess that they are brainless? If intelligence is based on some gender or religion or caste..then earlier people from those “needy” sector might not have performed in an exceptional manner….

Yes…encouragement is definitely necessary for any person who is trying to improve himself by educating and who does not even have daily dose of roti or chawal 🙂 . This encouragement should be in terms of scholarships but not anything else.

Coming to the issue of women reservation. Why does any woman/girl in India need reservation?. Why do girls require reservation in universities and colleges? What separate suffering are they undergoing in educating themselves? Boys are also struggling a lot to get better ranks and better percentiles…By seeking reservations does she give confirmation to the world that she is brainless and dumb moron. If she is really intelligent let her get the seat in required course through proper ranks. In some of Indian state road transportations we have reservation of seats for women. It is not necessary. Some girls are so stupid enough that they don’t give their seat to an elder man, only for the reason “its her right to sit there and that seat is reserved for her”.

When women happily enjoy these reservations why should they fight for equality? If they are happily enjoying these reservations they should not make any nuisance for the equality.

Consider a girl from a famous college in a metropolitan city and a boy from a not so big college in a town. If these both people are competing for a seat in Medical College and let the ranks of that girl and boy in the entrance test be 900 and 250 respectively. According to the present reservation system, that girl gets the seat in Medicine and that boy is denied admission . Imagine the pathetic state of that boy.  Why is that girl getting reservation? Is she given reservation for going to the college happily in a college bus and studying in  well facilitated classrooms. Who is bothered about the hardships faced by this boy ? Why is he denied admission in spite of having merit?

Last but not least I wish to rephrase Shri C.K. Prahalad  words on ‘perception on the poor’ . I wish to rephrase those words with respect to women “IF WE stop thinking of the WOMEN as victims or as a burden and start recognising them as resilient and creative people and value-conscious humans, a whole new world of opportunity will open up.”

Girls! If we think that girls and boys are equal we should not take reservations 🙂

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

41 thoughts on “Do women need reservations in India?

  1. i believe there should be good encouragement but not reservation.
    providing reservations is something like making them handicapped and making them to walk with clutches when they have the capability to run

    its just my opinion


  2. I m nt agree.. I think the girls shud be given the reservation… But nt to al girls.thr must be a critaria for providing reservation just like our SC’s praise worthy discision to exclude creamy layers fr reservation.. We know that in our india 6 wonen out of 7 are illitrate..just explore our india, many of them r nt allowed even cm out frm home,if sm allowed there sutdy is restrictd to 10th or 12clas..grls also hv same weight of brain and same inteligenc power.if boys smtimes fail while climbing the ladder of succes so do girls but it was found in thousand of the cases girls that after failing once there parents prevent them from doing further study..but its nt the case with boys as the sociaty is male dominated.. If we provide the reservation to such unfortunate level then it wil be real meaning of reservation.. Here the girls should gain the progres and touth the the critaria of reservation should be far backward clas girls, families nt having even single literate female… These critarias wil also serve as awareness to them.. Thank you.

    1. Yes i slightly agree with your view but reservation can not force the parents to send their daugher to school and colleges so it is better to provide good education to far flung areas and teaching the parents about the need of education for their children and ask them to send their wards to school and colleges. One more thing i would like to say that in villages the education system is very low and less colleges for graduation and post graduation,so the parents do not want to send their daughter to city or town for further is better to solve the basic necessity rather than giving reservation ,or if reservation should be given it should be based on the economic condition of the people, We can see that there are lot of higher middle class people getting the advantage of reservation rather than needy people.

  3. In my opinion, really there is no need of any kind of reservation for Women and evn 4 the other castes in india….B’se as we say that India is the country having Unity in diversity but w are again dividing India by the evil of RESERVATIONS.As in the present scenario the women are equivalent to men in each and every kind of field, them whether that is Politics, services or education. So, it is very clear from the above lines that women are very much capable of occupiyng their designation in the present situation then why should they being reserved ? Besides that today as the Women education is not the problem as each and every girl is getting education free of cost in mmost of the states of India.
    So it’s very necessary to abolish the women reservation.

  4. girls today are equally competent and to be truthful they are running ahead of men in many such a scenario reservation is just an appendage.if the govt. is really worried about women enpowerment then reservation should be made on the basis of certain criteria. 1.undreprivileged 2.orphaned girl children 3.talented but financially weak RESERVATION IS A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD MY FRIENDS !!

  5. i think that there must not be any reservations for women bcoz…..

  6. i think women need reservations.In my view parents doesnt like to spend much money on women for their education if govt provides reservations parents will be in such a mood of some relief to educate their children.

  7. in my opinion there must be no reservations for women.when they are competing with men in all aspects of the contemporary world,what is the need for reservation???
    truly speaking,the situation existing now is not the same as the olden days,during which women was suppressed in the society and were not encouraged in studies…
    the scenario has changed completely n i wish people think in a broad minded way..
    the govt should ponder over the issue and take the rioght desicion

  8. in my opinion there is no need reservation for women becoz this time for compitition. if we give perference reservation than we can’t achieve good palace in the world that’s why we need to shows ability. these days we see women going to ahead compare to men if they have ability then she can do. reservation is spoil our ability, and it also make a difference between boy and girl that’s why govt should take right dicition

    1. Yes I agree. Also I want to extend your thought, that there should not be any reservation for anything related to Women, OBC and SC/ST.

      Reservation makes partiality in selection process. Creating reservation for women doesn’t respect women at all, if you think from a rational point of view. By making reservation for women we are proving that they are weak. So the result is negative. As it is mentioned above that intelligence has nothing to do with gender. Then why sexism?

      If many boys compete and get in to IITs, women also can get in to IIT in the same way. But the effort of studies can’t be compromised for gender. Reservations reduces the effort of women, consequently making them fell good but indirectly proving them inferior. We shouldn’t let one gender, cast or religion to become a medium of suffering for other.

      So if we want to create a great country with great education system, stop all these reservations first.

  9. Even after being a girl myself,i think women should not be given reservations as in today’s highly competetive world only the person who is the best will survive,hence if girls are not meeting the required cutoff levels in colleges they should not be accepted as it will be a big injustice to some other deserving talent…
    Hence all the admissions in education systems should made on PURELY MERIT caste minority reservation…no women reservation…

  10. The above discussion holds good only for the woman in the urban areas,when what about the women in the villages ie…,the rural areas,do the same thin apply to these women also….?
    They have been sticked to their household works….,many childmarriages are going on…,
    inspite of the fact that we had a women president…,women prime minister,and the women chief ministers in india
    they have not really made any remarkable inroads into politics.
    The rural woman should be give chance to paticipate in the politics..,
    and hence reservation is neede for these women.

  11. well i think women does not require any reservation….in educational institution selection should be purely on the merit basis and not on the basis of any reservation…due to this reservation the talented one suffers…so far politics is concerned women are participating in it and today they are moving ahead and they will participate more and more if they are motivated by their parents,friends and society and not by reservation…

  12. For many decades, the political establishment of our country is ignoring men’s issues and under pressure from feminazis women, enacting laws which are blatantly Anti-men, designed to emasculate men, deprive men of their self-esteem, rights and property. The proposed women reservation bill is the latest measure, which should be opposed tooth and nail by men.
    On face of it, such proposal is unreasonable. In Indian democracy women has always been adequately represented. We had women prime minister and still have women president. Indian legislature has approximately 10% women representative, which is highest in the world. This percentage is not there even in American or British parliament. This sinister design of women reservation was never applied in any of the developed nations. Then why this is being applied in India? What is the basis or rationale of this reservation in India? There is no answer.
    The logic that only 10% women representative is there in parliament and so reservation is required is faulty. Not many women participate in politics. In any political party, at grassroots, hardly a few percentage points of the workers are women. When there are fewer grassroots women workers, obviously there will be few women members in legislature. What should have been demanded and granted is more places at grassroots level, which no women organization is demanding. This is typical women demand- let there be men grassroot worker in political parties, seats should be reserved for women in legislature. Men are beast of burden to do grassroot work, women will be members in parliament. Men are slaves. Men must understand this and oppose such design.
    Whenever special provision has been made for women in law, it has been abused by women. Further, feminist politicians has supported such abuse. When such feminist politicians will be in parliament, they will make more such gender biased laws and oppression of men will increase. We have to understand these sinister designs and oppose such reservation at the very outset. Otherwise, it will be too late.
    Oppose these sinister reservations.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      Glad that you liked my blogging. Infact am not getting quality time to post here regularly..will post soon on management soon…
      Prasanna Rayaprolu

  13. our country has moved too far in terms of globalisation. But women here still has to struggle for equality, honor and rights from the patriarchal system even though they are equally capable.
    Social and economic empowerment is essential for women and women reservation to them especially rural women would be a medium which would enable women to have equality in the society.

  14. Every coin has two sides and everyone has his own way of looking into things.I too have a point of view on this subject.
    Girl children were deprived of many things ,probably not in a metro world or broad minded families.Even today there are many who would put the life of their girl child at stake for their very beloved sons.If a percent of everything is reserved for a girl,probably then there would be at least a few who would let them fulfill their wishes.If some one have both a less worthy boy and a better worthy girl child and a single seat they would prefer the boy to get the seat.This is probably due to the idea that he may support the family with that education.but if the seat is reserved to the girl ,then probably she may get the chance to pursue her education.
    With a very good motive is that any reservation had come into existance.But due to vote bank politics and our ouwn selfishness these are misappropriated.
    For people like us,who feel to be self sufficient and go getters it may seem to be silly to avail a women reservation.But there is world behind us which gives hope and a chance to many deprived women.
    Reservations are double edged knives and so handled with care.These should be allotted to the deserving and the deprived.These may not be necessary in developed nations but it is necessary at least up to some time until this underdeveloped ,male dominant sub continent falls in the league of developed nations.
    Every reservation must be used not to trample down the meritorious men or persons but to just lend a helping hand to the underprivileged,deprived and deserving women or persons
    So these reservations should

  15. i was with the reservation 4 women.. bt after dis blog i do feel reservation is totally unnecessary and encouragement in terms of scholarships or other sort should be implemented and not reservation,

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog Rajeev Ji 🙂
      Keep visiting and posting. Its really nice to know that my views really made you think different.

  16. I noticed that this article was written a while ago. But I’d like to comment on this, given the recent debate regarding the bill on women’s reservation in parliament.

    You and some commentors mention that we should provide “encouragement” and not reservations. It would be great help what the encouragement would be. I personally see reservations as a form of encouragement. It’s not the perfect solution, but it works for now. If someone has a better idea, the government should put it in play.

    People (some) seem to think that we are in a society where everything and everybody is equal (at least in the urban areas). But the reality is not the same. We still have taboos/restrictions associated with what women or people from backward castes/groups can do in our highly patriarchal and hierarchical society.

    Just because someone makes use of reservation doesn’t mean that they are dumber than someone that doesn’t/can’t. We should also take into consideration the resources/opportunities that were denied to these disadvantaged groups (be it be women, backward castes, etc.). Also consider the amount of societal stigma and harassment that these people have to put up with day to day.

    One of the commenters said that we have only 10% representation of women in the parliament because women are “not interested” in politics. If all things are equal, we would have ~50% representation of women in parliament. Don’t you think that they (women) SHOULD be interested in that when they constitute 50% of nation’s people and are affected by the laws passed in the parliament? Why are women not interested? It’s because of the societal conditioning that is going on for centuries in our patriarchal society. It’s our responsibility to have the women interested in politics that govern their life. Reservations (33% and not 50%) is one way of doing it.

    Yes, I’m a feminist. No, I’m not a feminazi. By this I mean: I do not blame men for the plight of women today. I blame the system of patriarchy which everyone of us (men and women including me) is a part of. And I do think that men and women are equally capable, given the right opportunities and training.
    When people are ready to say that all citizens are equal in skill and ability, why are they not willing to see that there should be some flaw in the system if we don’t have a proportionate representation of these disadvantaged groups in say, universities or parliament? So what’s really lacking is opportunities, resources, and encouragement for these groups. Reservations are one way to do it.

    1. Hi Lavanya ,
      Thanks for visiting the blog and posting your views. Lovely thoughts 🙂
      The way you explained the need for reservations(as a form of encouragement) wrt the flaws int he system is interesting.
      Don’t you think the concept of RESERVATIONS in INDIA started on the pretext of flaws in the society. I really wonder if those reservations did any good for the upliftment of those sections except for making them lazy and making other community people’s life problematic.
      Compulsory Education and then financial independence make the lives of women better and bright. So I think Government should first make efforts in those directions instead of reservations for every thing. In this way they can reduce the brain drain and better the economy too….
      Btw would like to share this article Mrs. Ela Bhatt in today’s THE HINDU paper
      Keep visiting the blog and it will be my privilege to hear your views 🙂

  17. Yes,absolutely correct.Being a girl also, I think its required to make growth as per our talent but not from making seats reserved from any kind of powerful connection with the top level post.

  18. whatever it is……..v all know that ours is a male dominant country…; women r suffering a lot……..though more hard work is put by women than men…..their work is not recognized…… what NEHRU has told to know how developed a country is v just hav to look at the position ; status of the women of tat country….in tat case r v developed ???? women in our country r facing many problems…..4 their problems 2 hav a solution they need 2 hav power with them…..4 tat reservation need to b their 4 women in politics in our country.

  19. Dear Mr.prasnna,
    I partially agree with you.i think u dont knw abt india.the condition of woman is pathatic in soceity.if we talk abt mass more than 74%lives in village.india is coutry whr female infaticide is highr thn anyn othr country.n female are being tortured by thr own realtive n frns.india is counrty of village.have u ever been village .i think u shud go n checkout the condiition.else u can have a look of current census.ur article is far away frm reality.,well we want equilty and fr dat reservation is neccessary.this soceity is male dominating.n female ratio is also decreasing day by day.i think your article is far frm reality.what we think is totally diffrnt from reality.we think the boys and gals r this is not reality.n the reseravtn is for those who are socially backward.n yes its a fact that still female dont have thr place in society.this 33%fight is fr women survival.we all know dat resvatn will not do any miracle unless people will nt change their fr fightng their rites first women shud b come a par.

  20. i am in favour woman get reservation .. as u know that men & women are both beautiful creation of god they both share the planet they have same need then why parent , society discriminated b/w girl & boy they have also right to live by the reservation women get chance to stand before men by any horizontal or vertical division ..

  21. Women are not asking for grace and charity. Their contribution to the cause of nation-building exceeds that of men. An International Labour Organisation study shows that “while women represent 50 percent of the world adult population and a third of the official labour force, they perform nearly two-third of all working hours, receive a tenth of world income and own less than one percent of world property.” Therefore, reservation for women is not a bounty but only an honest recognition of their contribution to social development

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