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Do women need reservations in India?

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Debates on women and men are ever green and never-ending. Thanks to the improved education system and improved economy. I don’t like to quote statistics ,however, it is evident that the “issue of basic education” is a priority to most of the people in India. Immaterial of the economic class of a person, he/she is striving hard to educate his/her children. Every one knows that this life is a journey and only fittest survive here in a better manner. Educating their children in a better manner is the basic priority in most of the Indians. For example,this struggle is evident in a daily labourer in some slum of Hyderabad 🙂 or a Project Lead in some Energy company in Hitec City of Hyderabad 🙂

Everyone needs to perform well to better himself and his family. This struggle is not restricted to some gender, some tribe or some geographical area. Intelligence in humans is not arranged on the basis of gender, geographical area or some religion. Then why do people need reservation? Why do some people demand reservations? Why do they confess that they are brainless? If intelligence is based on some gender or religion or caste..then earlier people from those “needy” sector might not have performed in an exceptional manner….

Yes…encouragement is definitely necessary for any person who is trying to improve himself by educating and who does not even have daily dose of roti or chawal 🙂 . This encouragement should be in terms of scholarships but not anything else.

Coming to the issue of women reservation. Why does any woman/girl in India need reservation?. Why do girls require reservation in universities and colleges? What separate suffering are they undergoing in educating themselves? Boys are also struggling a lot to get better ranks and better percentiles…By seeking reservations does she give confirmation to the world that she is brainless and dumb moron. If she is really intelligent let her get the seat in required course through proper ranks. In some of Indian state road transportations we have reservation of seats for women. It is not necessary. Some girls are so stupid enough that they don’t give their seat to an elder man, only for the reason “its her right to sit there and that seat is reserved for her”.

When women happily enjoy these reservations why should they fight for equality? If they are happily enjoying these reservations they should not make any nuisance for the equality.

Consider a girl from a famous college in a metropolitan city and a boy from a not so big college in a town. If these both people are competing for a seat in Medical College and let the ranks of that girl and boy in the entrance test be 900 and 250 respectively. According to the present reservation system, that girl gets the seat in Medicine and that boy is denied admission . Imagine the pathetic state of that boy.  Why is that girl getting reservation? Is she given reservation for going to the college happily in a college bus and studying in  well facilitated classrooms. Who is bothered about the hardships faced by this boy ? Why is he denied admission in spite of having merit?

Last but not least I wish to rephrase Shri C.K. Prahalad  words on ‘perception on the poor’ . I wish to rephrase those words with respect to women “IF WE stop thinking of the WOMEN as victims or as a burden and start recognising them as resilient and creative people and value-conscious humans, a whole new world of opportunity will open up.”

Girls! If we think that girls and boys are equal we should not take reservations 🙂

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Thanks to Police Uncle :)

Do you remember yesteryear’s Bollywood movies? When does the Police come into the scene? guessed right! They come with lot of noise at the end of the climax of the film and the SI says “You are under arrest” to main villan and puts the handcuffs to the villan.

Yes agree that corruption levels in Police department are lil bit high but how far is it genuine to consider them as goondas and be in a myth that they are demons. Imagine the number of police that get hurt during the dharnas, demonstrations and riots.

Did we ever think about the traffic police who stays at the signal in the rain, in summer and in severe winter. Ofcourse it is his job but do we respect him? Because of some corrupt police we donot care the rest of the police.

Yesterday during my commute from office to home, there was severe rain. Water in some main roads got accumulated, there were some problematic places. In every problematic area there was police, he was directing people away from that problematic zone, all these police were doing their job very religiously in that heavy rain.

Driving my point home, I say its time we stop seeing Police as goonds or make some mockery of Indian Police System. Our life will be in hardships if they stop doing their duty. First we need to behave as responsible citizens before blaming the administration or system 🙂

Prasanna Rayaprolu