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Who or What is managing the things in your life?

What is Complex Adaptive System?
A Complex Adaptive System (CAS) is systems of several individual agents which have the freedom to act on their will are adaptable to the changes. The behavior of these agents is not predictable always and the acts of these agents may or may not have influence on the functionality of other agents in the system. Each entity in this CAS may seem to be a random entity but there is an underlying principle or management in the entire system as a whole. Each entity may not have great impact on the system but the summative acts of the entities may have a great impact. This system is a depiction of a system which is not governed by any some sole manager or super power. 

Examples of Complex Adaptive Systems
Examples of complex adaptive systems include:
1. Human Body: Human Body can be considered as a Complex adaptive system because each organ or system is independent but there is an inherent correlation among all the systems which help in the functioning of the activities of the human.
2. Ant Colonies: Consider the colonies of ants, each ant does its work collectively and then finally a big mud house is made by those ants.
3. Organization: Consider an organization it has several departments and so many teams in it and so many employees in it. Each employee or each team may seem to be a random entity but as whole there is some underlying principle and methodology in it.

Complex Adaptive System Operation at a glance
In a complex Adaptive system each agent works on its will and the rules on which the agent works may not be explicit and they may not be highly logical all the times.Inspite of the diversity there is a wonderful inherent correlation among the actions of all agents when considered collectively. Some of the major concepts of CAS at a glance:
1) Individual agents with divergence and individuality
2) Unpredictable behavior of the agents
3) No hard rules and regulations in the methodology
4) Inherent dependency and underlying principles of operability
5) Highly adaptive to the changes
Hi All!

How do you see the Complex Adaptive theory?

Does this make you …..think like an atheist for a while????

Doe this make you …wonder ….or make …you feel more the beauty of the Super power and the unification in all the fields of study…..does it make you more theistic……..

How do you see youselves and your life …if you apply complex adaptive theory to your universe,life and existence……

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

2 thoughts on “Who or What is managing the things in your life?

  1. Hi Prasanna,

    Sorry for opening the uninvited URl for srinivas who happens to be my child hood class mate and friend.Didn’t actually read through the entire thing but from the first few lines of what is CAS,there were a few contradictions which arose in me but have to admit it was thought provoking and nice.
    When i scrolled to the bottom of the page i thougt i should leave my comments and hence the same,excuse for the intrusion.


  2. CAS… only the name appears new to me. [:)]
    I have read this concept before…. in a different context, and yes…. it makes me think like an atheist for a while… but again leaves me wondering… how it all began!

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