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The modern day’s Learning Mantra


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  The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn-Alvin Toffler  

 What is your reaction after reading this quote?
Does it make any sense?
Yes…somedays back I read this and I felt…oh! this is quite nonsense..and donno something made me read this quote again and again….after thinking for a while…I took a complete U turn on this aspect:)
Learning,Unlearning and relearning is not’s just commonsense. This is the fundamental principle which we are used to..right from from our infancy!!
Lemme explain!Take the example of a 2 year Ashley..earlier she was taught drinking milk with the bottle..then learning drinking milk with the bottle was necessary to her..later on she has was necessary for her to unlearn drinking from the bottle and learn drinking from glass…
Unlearning is also as important as learning… think for a while… this  principle is applicable for all grown up people , in every aspect of the life. Any enthusiastic person learns the things quickly, unlearns them as and when required &  relearns them according to the necessity, current trends and requirements. Learning new things with preconceived notions hinders the process of understanding the concepts. 

This reminds me of Alfred Tennyson’s poem   

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true. 


Prasanna Rayaprolu  

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Who or What is managing the things in your life?

What is Complex Adaptive System?
A Complex Adaptive System (CAS) is systems of several individual agents which have the freedom to act on their will are adaptable to the changes. The behavior of these agents is not predictable always and the acts of these agents may or may not have influence on the functionality of other agents in the system. Each entity in this CAS may seem to be a random entity but there is an underlying principle or management in the entire system as a whole. Each entity may not have great impact on the system but the summative acts of the entities may have a great impact. This system is a depiction of a system which is not governed by any some sole manager or super power. 

Examples of Complex Adaptive Systems
Examples of complex adaptive systems include:
1. Human Body: Human Body can be considered as a Complex adaptive system because each organ or system is independent but there is an inherent correlation among all the systems which help in the functioning of the activities of the human.
2. Ant Colonies: Consider the colonies of ants, each ant does its work collectively and then finally a big mud house is made by those ants.
3. Organization: Consider an organization it has several departments and so many teams in it and so many employees in it. Each employee or each team may seem to be a random entity but as whole there is some underlying principle and methodology in it.

Complex Adaptive System Operation at a glance
In a complex Adaptive system each agent works on its will and the rules on which the agent works may not be explicit and they may not be highly logical all the times.Inspite of the diversity there is a wonderful inherent correlation among the actions of all agents when considered collectively. Some of the major concepts of CAS at a glance:
1) Individual agents with divergence and individuality
2) Unpredictable behavior of the agents
3) No hard rules and regulations in the methodology
4) Inherent dependency and underlying principles of operability
5) Highly adaptive to the changes
Hi All!

How do you see the Complex Adaptive theory?

Does this make you …..think like an atheist for a while????

Doe this make you …wonder ….or make …you feel more the beauty of the Super power and the unification in all the fields of study…..does it make you more theistic……..

How do you see youselves and your life …if you apply complex adaptive theory to your universe,life and existence……

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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It’s all about loving parents :)

 My Dad Enjoying the View  of 'Flights'at GMR Airport

An 80 year old man was sitting on the sofa in his house along with his 45 year old highly educated son. Suddenly a crow perched on their window.
The Father asked his Son, “What is this?” The Son replied “It is a crow”.
After a few minutes, the Father asked his Son the 2nd time, “What is this?”
The Son said “Father, I have just now told you “It’s a crow”.
After a little while, the old Father again asked his Son the 3rd time, “What is this?”
At this time some expression of irritation was felt in the Son’s tone when he said to his Father with a rebuff. “It’s a crow, a crow”.
A little after, the Father again asked his Son t he 4th time, “What is this?”
This time the Son shouted at his Father, “Why do you keep asking me the same question again and again, although I have told you so many times ‘IT IS A CROW’. Are you not able to understand this?”
A little later the Father went to his room and came back with an old tattered diary, which he had maintained since his Son was born. On opening a page, he asked his Son to read that page. When the son read it, the following words were written in the diary
“Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a crow was sitting on the window. My Son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it was a Crow. I hugged him lovingly each time h e asked me the same question again and again for 23 times. I did not at all feel irritated I rather felt affection for my innocent child”.
While the little child asked him 23 times “What is this”, the Father had felt no irritation in replying to the same question all 23 times and when today the Father asked his Son the same question just 4 times, the Son felt irritated and annoyed.
So, If your parents attain old age, do not repulse them or look at them as a burden, but speak to them a gracious word, be cool, obedient, humble and kind to them. Be considerate to your parents. From today say this aloud, “I want to see my parents happy forever. They have cared for me ever since I was a little child. They have always showered their selfless love on me. They crossed all mountains and valleys without seeing the storm and heat to make me a person presentable in the society today”.


Nice email forward 🙂

This email makes me guilty…..I think of the times when I unknowingly….gave stupid replies to My Mom and Dad. Every time after reading this email , I promise myselves…that I should not repeat this stupid reply task…but what to do I break my promises…Grr! Its human to errr! 😉

By the way, I got a video version of this story(replaced with  sparrow instead of crow..may be they don’t find crows in Greece..hehhe!!).I’m posting this video for all of you here :


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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The Turkish Rug Sales Team By Steve Waterhouse

The Turkish Rug Sales Team By Steve Waterhouse

I just returned from speaking in Istanbul, Turkey where I bought, no, I was sold, a rug and in the process learned that real selling, and especially Team Selling, is alive and well.
The Turkish people are warm and friendly so it was not unusual to be approached by a nice looking, well dressed man in his late 20’s as we stood there reading our map. “You are looking for Blue Mosque?” he asked in broken English. “I can show you where entrance is. Come this way.” With that he started across the street and my wife, son Tim and I followed.
As we walked down the long sidewalk that leads to the Blue Mosque, our new friend said, “I am Azad. I am not tour guide, but I show you. You see that building over there? That is family business. After you see Blue Mosque, maybe, just by accident, we sell you a rug. Just by accident.” At this point I knew we were in for a great experience that is uniquely Turkish, and we were not disappointed.
The tour of the Blue Mosque was fascinating. We learned about the thousands of blue tiles that are used to decorate the Mosque in place of pictures, which are banned in Mosques by the Muslim faith. Azad, who seemed to have a story to accompany each topic, answered every question we asked in wonderful detail. As we left the Mosque we followed our host down a narrow stone alley to an area full of interesting shops. Azad pointed to the nicest store on the block and said, “This is my family store. I show you.” We were escorted into a room that was filled with beautiful rugs stacked, rolled and piled neatly in every corner. Azad introduced us to his Uncle, Habib, who owned the store and said that he would like Habib to show us around. With that, Azad left and we never saw him again.
Habib was very well dressed in a blue blazer and starched shirt and he spoke perfect English, which we later learned, he acquired at school in London. “Please, sit.” Habib said, motioning us to the couch. “Before I show you a few of my carpets, it is our tradition that we serve you something to drink. With that, one of his assistance entered carrying a traditional Turkish silver tea service with wonderful apple tea for three. Now the real show began.
Habib told us about the various styles, materials, patterns and origins of the rugs in his shop. For each type he mentioned, one of his cousins found a beautiful example and flew it out before us. I say ‘flew’ because that’s what he did. He was able to unroll a 5×7 rug and then spin it in the air so that it landed at our feet with the fringe perfectly straight and the carpet unwrinkled. One after another the rugs were spread out before us until there were easily several dozen rugs of every possible description piled on the floor. Finally, Habib asked, “Just so I can get a sense for your preferences, can you tell me, if you were to enjoy a Turkish carpet in your home, what size would fit best?” Gina and I agreed that the 5×7 would be best for a floor rug.
Again Habib asked, “If you were to have one of these beautiful carpets to enjoy in your home and pass on to your children, which style would you like?” His assistants moved carpets around until we had agreed on the basic style we liked. The process of elimination continued with up to three cousins flying rugs in and out of the display area until only four were left. Habib said, “Do you have a favorite among these?” We made our final choice and the cousins removed all except our favorite rug. Habib complimented our choice and assured us that we had picked the Rolls Royce of carpets. Knowing what a Rolls costs, I knew we were in trouble!
Now came the price. Habib opened his calculator and started entering numbers. In a few seconds he turned to us and said, “In US dollars, this carpet is $5,300.” Now I was prepared for a shock, but that was way out of line with our expectations, so let the games begin.
After many cycles of offer and counter offer, we finally set our firm price at $2,000. Habib said, $2,500? I apologized and assured him that my offer had nothing to do with the quality of his carpets but simply our budget and $2,000 was already $500 over our budget. We settled on $2,000 and walked out with our new rug.
But what had I learned? First, that Habib, Azad and his family were willing to spend a great deal of time with us before we ever talked price. The tour of the Mosque, the dozens of rugs, and the wonderful tea all added value to the sale.
We had also seen a great example of Team Selling. Azad did the prospecting, the cousins made the presentations and Habib was the closer. They worked together like they had rehearsed it a hundred times. In fact they had, and as a result their communications were flawless. Azad brings in 10 prospects each day and Habib has a 70% closing ratio.
We can learn a lot from the real pros in this world


Thanks to Mrs Sangeetha for sending me this. Such a nice article. This is not a new concept. If we think for an instant about your favourite family friend or any favourite relative …we may like their place….because of the people in their family also..we may like the hospitality of all the members of that family….we may like the caring wishes of the granny of that house or the lovely coffee given by the mother of that family or a quick recap of the politics by dad of that family……We may not have anywork with all other family members of your friend..they too may not have any work with us ..but the way they respond makes our relation with them different and sweet.THAT”S THE BEAUTY OF A BEAUTIFUL TEAM…



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Simple poem

A serene song 🙂 

Oh My Lord
Give me the power
To say yes when told to do the toughest
Give me the power
To say no when I want to say no

Give me the power
To practice what I preach

Give me the power
To smile when someone frowns

Give me the power
To build when someone is stranded homeless

Give me the power
To stay composed in the midst of a calamity

Give me the power
To share with the have-nots

Give me the power
To resurrect a deceased breadwinner

Give me the power
To annihilate poverty from the world

Give me the power
To perpetuate prosperity in the world

Give me the power
To pray to you sans anticipation

This is one of my favourite poems. Simple poem and so realistic.


Prasanna Rayaprolu