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Sales and Love : It’s all about IMPRESSING the folks

These days I’m into sales department also 🙂

Initial weeks of sales were very interesting and I thought its a easy job provided we have ample common sense 🙂

Only in the second week I learnt that its not so easy. However, got used to Sales also these days and one fine friday evening a thought hit my mind like a thunder…..I took a coffee break and while I was drinking the coffee …I though lil bit more about that the ” thunder like thought”.

Lemme..explain to you  also 🙂

Sales and Love are similar in  almost all the aspects. Let me put forward some related things about these two:

  1. Sales and Love : It’s all about impressing your fellow(customer)
  2. Sales : There are no stupid or standard or perfectly successful methods to impress your customer about your product.What works for one customer may not work for another customer.According to the common sense and the current situation, the sales need to be proceeded further.Even in Love, there are  no standard or perfectly successful methods.Its all about impressing your lover. Depending on the person you love, you need to adopt suitable method to convince your ideas. 🙂
  3. Sales and Love : At the end what matters in the sales is whether you sold your product or not , by convincing about your product and your company.Similarly, even in Love what matters is whether you are able to convince your lover about you and your love to him/her.
  4. Sales and Love : Yes , convincing the folks about your product is a great thing..but what matters most is taking that faith….to the extent of buying your products. Similary in love, its great and good to be able to convince your lover about you and your love..what matters is the final deal of life long partnership with him/her 🙂
  5. Sales and Love : There is something called true selling according to me.

*If the sales person is a true sales person. she will try to understand the customer well and tailor the product according to the customer’s needs. Sometimes the sales person may be in touch with the good customers..even if the customers don’t have anything to buy then…..That sales person may try to build good relations with the have a long term sales relation.Basically, a true sales person is a good communicator.

*Similary a true lover is the one who tries to understand her/his lover  and be in his/her good and bad times. They try to be in good communication. with the lover……immaterial of the communication reciprocated.

6. Sales and Love : Convey the value properly

*In Sales, as a sales person its your prime duty to convey the value of your product. You have all the damn right in the world to convey the beauty, value of your product. your sole duty is to enlighten your customer about the greatness of your product and the benifits of the customer in buying your prouduct or being your business partner :).. if you cannot convince about your can you expect your customer to know about the greatness of your product by himself ;)..

*Similarly, in love ….its your  duty to convey your value to your lover. You should make your lover understand your value or to be able to estimate the value of sharing his/her  life with a valuable person like you 🙂

7. Sales and Love : Its your prime duty to put all your efforts to impress your customer. If the customer is a close minded fellow……leave him/her and goto the next is so big and there are somany customers waiting for your company and your product 🙂

Simliarly, even in LOVE..its your duty to convince well your lover about your ideas and you. If he/she gets convinced its well and good…if he/she is a closed mind…then leave that person and look for another..afterall world is sooo big man!!!!! 🙂

8. Post Sales and Post Love confirmation : 

 The Sales process does not end with selling your product or getting into business partnership. The real problem starts now, the commitment shown by you prior to the selling process need to be continued well. If you are a clever sales person ……by this time you might have created a need for your services and your products the customer’s mind already. You make your partner depend on you and he/she  will get back to you 🙂

Similarly in Love, the things don’t end with your lover agreeing your love or getting married to you. If you are into a relationship its necessity to ensure that you maintain the partnership well….if you are a clever person you create a dependency in your partner towards you…you make your partner depend on you 🙂

9. One thing ..need to be conveyed throughout the sales and love process..that is conveying constantly that “We /I care you” and “You mean a lot to us/me”.





A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

5 thoughts on “Sales and Love : It’s all about IMPRESSING the folks

  1. But yes there are a few differencess between Sales and True-Love

    * Love is unconditional where your sales are not – You dont like him if he does not buy your product

    * Love desires the other peron’s well-being but YOU are the most important person in sales

    * Lies sometimes make the Sale effective but ruin love

  2. Hi prasanna..
    yet another wonderful posting..
    I like d way u put things together…
    sales n love…interesting stuff..
    I totally agree with all of ur comments…but would like to mention my own perspective on this..
    first as a doctor..
    i would say…
    there are positive n negative emotions / feelings…
    i mean those having positive effects on ur metabolism[causing beneficial effects on ur heart n mind] n those having jus the opposite effects[detrimental to ur health]
    i should say Love falls in the first category n sales in the latter…
    Love is a feeling which soothes ur mind…makes ur heart lighter…adds positive energy to u….sales on the other hand is a pressure on ur mind…
    Love leads to a longer healthy life..and sales to a shorter and stressful life….
    According to kirlian photography the aura produced by the feel of love is favorable to our health as opposed to stressful activity such as sales….
    And as a normal person n a person in love i would say….
    Love is born in heart…makes u fly in d skies…
    Sales is born in d mind…gets u tensed n stressed….
    Love is selfless…sales selfish…
    Love brings peace n harmony…sales makes u greedy….

    I posted these comments just to share my thoughts…
    I know that you would be a far better critic..n could do a better job than me…
    but its truly a good posting n i enjoyed myself of the way u pulled out the things which they have in common..kudos to ur ideas…
    thx for sharing ur thoughts n keep posting new interesting n innovative posts prasanna…

  3. Interesting..
    Sensible and senseless..
    Adorable and laughable.. 😉

    I would say i’ am the best salesman.
    But where my emotions are involved i’ am hopelessly lost.
    Therein probably lies the difference – between love and sale.

    In a sale i’d never let my emotions cloud my judgement.
    I could not say the same about my relationships – my logic goes kaput.
    I could be dreadfully blind in my realtionships – trusting blindly.
    At the sametime – i could be cold, and calculating in the other thing.
    I tried my best to sell myself – i was called obsessive (Real words)

    Paradox? But it is true.
    All the Brownings, Frosts, Shelleys – if they were salesmen/women..?
    That’s probably the reason we don’t see any more emotional poems(depth)?
    The logical love – The cold logic of sales taking over the illogical ways of love?

    But i love Frost – that one is close to my enlightenment.
    That’s what differentiates – the illogical emotion for which you’d move heaven and earth. The strength and weakness (together) – another paradox!

    -The Philosopher (Thief/Robber/Bandit – depending on perspective) [lolz]

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