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Animal Farm by George Orwell

Name of the Book: ANIMAL FARM

Author: George Orwell

Year: 1945

About the author:

George Orwell was the pen name used by British author and journalist Eric Arthur Blair. During most of his professional life time Orwell was best known for his journalism, both in the British press and in books such as Homage to Catalonia, describing his activities during the Spanish Civil War, and Down and Out in Paris and London, describing a period of poverty in these cities. Orwell is best remembered today for two of his novels, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four( written from the from the site



Animal Farm was George Orwell’s satirical shot at the then-new totalitarianism of the left. It is so accurate that no one has been able to do it better or more effectively, or even come close. Who can forget “All Animals Are Created Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others.” By putting wisdom in the mouths of animals, Orwell uses an age-old artifice and proves again how the pen can be mightier than the sword.(,,0_97804515 26342,00.html)

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The World as I see it by Albert Einstein

Name of the Book:  The World as I see it

Author: Mr Albert Einstein

About the author : Wonderful human being and a great scientist


Albert Einstein's Biography

The Einstein revealed in these writings is witty, keenly perceptive, and deeply concerned for humanity. Einstein believed in the possibility of a peaceful world and in the high mission of science to serve human well-being. As we near the end of a century in which science has come to seem more and more remote from human values, Einstein’s perspective is indispensable. –(

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