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Possesiveness is a positive quality :)

Dear Friends !!
Good Morning !

My two year old nephew is possessive about his parents and grandparents.He cries a lot or make a mess when someone tries to say that his father is “ours” not his.This really looks very sweet for the rest of the people.His father feels proud of his son and pampers him more.
This is one type of Possessiveness.Harmless!!
A School going kid is possesive about his teachers,so also the teachers(Not the Rockford Movie of Nagesh Kukunoor type!! Think Positively!!)
This is another type of possesiveness.Harmless unless and untill the teacher is impartial to all the students.

On the same track, Students have several friends in School.Some are best friends.Some students are very Possessive about their friends.They feel that their best friend should’nt speak much to other classmates much.
This is another type of Possessiveness.Not fatal but littlebit harmful.

Now , the possessiveness on the persons who are our partners not business partners ofcourse,life partners.This is really amazing.I find it quite interesting to observe this.The magnitude of possessiveness increases with the increase in the bond with the other person in the case of life partner issue.I really don’t know if its harmful but I feel Possessiveness is a synonym for strength in the bond when it comes to life partners.I feel possessive people make good and responsible partners.If possessiveness so good,why people make an issue of it.
Is Possessiveness a positive quality?

Is Possessiveness the binding factor for any relation?

Is Possessiveness “litmus test ” for the strength of any relation?



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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