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Why do people worship Tulsi plant???

Why do people worship Tulsi plant?

General Answer:

Tulsi is the symbol of serenity rather chastity and if we pray Tulsi our serenity also will also be protected.

The story behind this is :

“Long Long ago …. there used to be a demon named Jalandhar, he was very powerful and at one point of time he reached a higher level than Gods. Then, the three 3 primary Lords Vishnu ji,Shiv ji and Brahma ji had a conference and wondered about the reason behind Jalandar’s power; their researches digged out the fact that the Jalandar’s  power lied in the chastity of his wife Tulsi. Tulsi was very religious wife, she did lot of puja for her husband’s glory.

Finally!!! Lords found the solution to the problem of Jalandar, the demon. Solution- “Chastity of Tulsi need to be violated”. So the ultimate questions was who will do that work? Lord Shiv said “No way!!!!”;  Lord Brahman said “Oh!!! No!!” and finally Lord Vishnu accepted to this act. Lord vishnu transformed himself into the Jalandar and went to tulsi and spoiled her chastity, subsequently Jalandar’s powers were lost. Then, Tulsi went crying to Lord Vishnu and said ‘Lord !!! I cannot go to my husband nor come with you,what should I do?’. Lord Said ‘Don’t worry!! Everything has happened for noble cause, you will be respected by all and I give you a boon that you  have the privilege of staying before me every time and people will pray you before they pray me. I will be more with you”.
This is the reason in all Vishnu related temples we have Tulsi plant infront of the idol in a linear path atleast.”

My story ended.

After reading this  so many feel :

Chi!!! How cheap are Hindu Gods?
Vishnu,the main God is a flirt!!!
Does it make any sense in worshipping Tulsi who lost her chastity?

Let me answer!!!

Lord Vishnu’s other name is Narayana which means one who pervades entire universe, in a nut shell the life source, so something like oxygen”.

Tulsi(Ocimum) is the only plant which has ozone (3
elements of oxygen) in it.We all know that ozone and water react to give oxygen.
O3+H2O =2H2+O2 (not balanced)

So , the meaning of Vishnu staying more with Tulsi means oxygen element is 3 times more in Ozone.

Do you know the reason why hindu people ask entire family members to put tulsi +water in the mouth of dying
person,or ill person ? Not to kill him fast but to send the person to heaven .But people used this mixture of tulsi+water as artificial respiration when there was no source of oxygen cylinders unknowingly.

Breeze passing through the Tulsi plants is also good for health.

If these scientific concepts are told to all common people they cannot digest the concept ,so our elders coined a stupid and scary story,so that people protect tulsi plant well and use it well.

In this way so many scientific concepts are stored in our mythological characters.


Prasanna Rayaprolu



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9 thoughts on “Why do people worship Tulsi plant???

  1. oh ….. this piece of info is awesome…

    I hope someone gives the meaning of our old rituals/customs… many ppl just oppose bcos of blind faith…

    keep more blogs coming like this….

    with ur permission.. IM tweeting this link..


  2. I am impressed !!!
    I am having a query that, ” Tulsi plant gives O2, all the 24 hrs long”,

    is it truth or myth.

    please reply.

    1. Tulsi is also a plant right!!! Plants release CO2 in the night times and release O2 only in the morning…I think. That’s the reason people are asked not to sit near plants or under the plants in the night times…

  3. brilliant!!!!!this is the beauty of hindu religion. everything is explained with a mythological story( to explain the ones who cannot understand the logic) and well supported by a scientific explanation. as opposed to other religion(with all due respect) where the followers are refrained from questioning the existence of matters in their holy books. it is even said- everything in hindu religion is explained with a logic and anything that defies logic if even brahma comes and tries to explain do not listen to him.
    god bless you all…

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