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What do seven horses of Sun God represent??

What do seven horses of Sun God represent?

Bhaskara with seven horses

My possible answers are:

Sun is the source of Light obviously it means WHITE light .


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Violet+Indigo+Blue+Green+Yellow+Orange+Red= White

So all the seven horses depict each colour of the VIBGYOR.



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5 thoughts on “What do seven horses of Sun God represent??

  1. well doing some research I found a site that had to do with greek mythology and stuff like that.
    1.Bronte(horse of thunder)
    2.Eos(horse of ‘day break)
    3.Ethiops(horse of ‘flashing’ or lightning)
    4.Ethon(horse of white fire)
    5.Pyrois(horse of red fire)
    6.Erythreioos(horse of ‘red’ which can be understood as lava)
    7.Philogen(horse of earth)
    The seven horses are supposed to represent some sort of greek power that this god hold. I’m not exactly sure but it’s just a interpritation. 😀 hope you liked it.

  2. I thought they represented 7 days of the week. And I always wondered why the Sunday one ran so fast and the Monday one so slow ? Bad, bad Horsey 🙂

    PS: Kindly advice me if the access to this blog is restricted.

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